The Saguaro Seminar's mission is both to improve social capital measurement and the availability of social capital data and to undertake analysis of building social capital in a changing environment: in increasingly diverse communities, with changing faith communities, in workplaces, and amidst greater social and civic inequality.

Robert D. Putnam's new book,  Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, will be available March 10, 2015. Read more and pre-order the book here.

Washington Post. “The famous ‘word gap’ doesn’t hurt only the young. It affects many educators, too” (Elizabeth Gilbert, Valerie Strauss, 2/18/15)

The Brookings Register. Service, civic groups facing challenges” (John Kubal, 2/3/15) 

New York Times. Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds” (Patricia Cohen, 2/2/15)

Washington Post.The moral imperative of No Child Left Behind” (The Editorial Board, 1/14/15)

U.S. News.Homework Matters More in Certain Countries” (The Hechinger Report, 1/12/15)

The Globe and Mail. Author Emily White says self-reliance is overrated” (Zosia Bielski, 1/1/15)

Education Next. Was Moynihan Right?” (Sarah McLanahan and Christopher Jencks, Spring 2015). 

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Saguaro is currently researching the impact of economic hard times on social capital and civic engagement, as well as some worrying new evidence of a growing "class gap" among American young people. Children from upper-middle class backgrounds are increasingly well-nested in family, religious, and community networks, whereas kids from working class backgrounds are increasingly isolated from such connections.

This phenomenon is a compound problem, as both changing family structure and income inequality have had a hand in the demise of equal opportunity and the American Dream.

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The number of socially isolated Americans has more than doubled over the 2 decades from 1984-2004 from 10% to a quarter of all Americans.

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Civic engagement and volunteering is the new hybrid health club for the 21st century that's free to join and miraculously improves both your health and the community's through the work performed and the social ties built.

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