Carl Frederick

Carl Frederick is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Saguaro Seminar. He received his PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin in 2011. Currently, his research focuses on the interaction between socioeconomic and civic stratification, and especially the role of schools in shaping inequality along these two dimensions. Specifically his two, tangentially related research interests include the correlates and long term consequences of grade retention (making children repeat a grade) and exploring the relationship between cognitive ability, education and voter turnout. His main work with Saguaro concerns the state-level policy consequences of unequal civic engagement. Aside from his work with Saguaro, Carl is examining the characteristics of post-secondary schools that predict civic engagement, including looking into the feasibility of studying participation among college students in the rallies that took place across Wisconsin in the spring of 2011 in response to changes in collective bargaining rights of state employees. His work has appeared in Demography among other places.

Cambridge is the latest stop of his gradual eastern migration; growing up and getting his BA in Colorado, attending graduate school and starting a family in Wisconsin and joining the Saguaro Seminar in fall 2011. In the rapidly vanishing amounts of free time he manages to hold onto, Carl is an amateur chef, avid angler and steadfast fan of the Denver Broncos.

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Carl Frederick

Carl Frederick, PhD
2011-2014 Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Saguaro Seminar