Sponsored Program Awards History

  June 2014

Principal Investigator



Gomez-Ibanez,  Jose

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Transportation Cases Throughout the Curriculum

Howitt,  Arnold

Department of the Army

General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar

Letts,  Christine

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Sustain Arts in America

Levy,  Dan

University of Washington

Understanding Government Commitment to Inclusive Development: The Role of Mass Movements

Mayne,  Quinton

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Politics of Transport Policy in the Greater Copenhagen Region, 1945-2013

Muehlegger,  Erich

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Land-Use Regulation and Commuting Patterns

Rogers,  Todd

ICF International, Inc

A Randomized Experiment Using Report Card Content to Nudge Attendance

Ruggie,  John

Pacific Community Ventures

Impact Investing and Public Policy


  *Sponsor may refer to a subcontractor or other Harvard School.

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