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Harvard/HKS Internal Funding Opportunities

Climate Change Solutions Fund 

Applications are invited from researchers and faculty in all disciplines to participate in Harvard University's Climate Solutions Fund. Reviewers will evaluate applications on intellectual merit, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and likely impact on all fields of energy and the environment. Strong consideration will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear pathway to application, as well as riskier proposals with the potential to be transformative over time. Applications should propose research that will advance solutions to climate change, which may include both preparedness and migration. Applicants may apply for up to $150,000, payable over one or two years, as specified in the proposal. 

Proposals are due Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Click here for further application details and instructions.


The Kuwait Program Faculty Research Grants (Belfer Center)

The Kuwait Program awards grants to Harvard Faculty to conduct research on issues of critical importance to Kuwait and the Gulf. The program focuses on five core research areas:

  • Education Reform: Management of higher education in Kuwait; youth and their role in the future of the Arab World.
  • Economic Development in the Gulf: Economic development and structural diversification; building a stronger private sector; attracting foreign investment and managing civil risks.
  • Political Reform: Regulatory and legal reform; strategic planning and crisis analysis and control; the Arab political transformation.
  • Energy Policy: Externality impacts of energy development; renewable options.
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation: Environmental and health impacts; urban sustainability; the culture, systems, modes of delivery, and management of knowledge.

Proposals are due Thursday, November 19, 2015 by 11:59 PM.

Click here for further application details and instructions. Please contact Julia Martin (julia_martin@hks.harvard.edu) for more information.


The Emirates Leadership Initiative (Belfer Center and the Center for Public Leadership)

The Emirates Leadership Initiative provides critical opportunities needed for emerging leaders from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East to confront the region's public policy issues through a multi-pronged approach. The program focuses on four core research areas:

  • Democratizing Politics: Establishing durable, accountable democracies not only by focusing on institutions, but also by empowering the region's citizens.
  • Revitalizing the State: Reforming social service delivery systems in the Middle East with a special emphasis on health, education, and social protection.
  • Democratizing Financial and Labor Markets: Working to ensure that financial and labor markets in the Middle East benefit the entire population, not merely the elite.
  • Science and Emerging Technologies: Aligning science and technology missions to promote regional development goals.

Proposals are due Thursday, November 19, 2015 by 11:59 PM.

Click here for further application details and instructions. Please contact Julia Martin (julia_martin@hks.harvard.edu) for more information.


The Hui Research Fund for Generating Powerful Ideas (Ash Center)

The Hui Research Fund was recently established, in part, to support collaborative research between faculty affiliates of the Harvard Kennedy School community and academic colleagues in the Greater China region. The goal of this effort is to produce research that will result in academic publications and in targeted policy briefs that will be of direct relevance to the U.S. and Chinese policymaking communities. As a result, successful proposals will entail significant collaboration with colleagues int he Greater China region.

The Fund is accepting proposals on topics that fall within the areas of U.S.-China relations, administrative reform, social policy development, and urbanization. In addition to these general areas, the fund has a particular interest in supporting research on energy and environmental change. This broadly defined research area clearly presents great potential for conflict and cooperation between the U.S. and China, and therefore requires an equally great investment in research efforts. 

Proposals are due Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

Click here for further application details. Interested applicants should download the Hui Fund 2015 RFP. Please contact Edward Cunningham (edward_cunningham@harvard.edu) for more information.   


HKS Dean's Research Fund

Managed by the RAO, the Dean's Research Fund (DRF) provides seed funding mainly to junior faculty. Eligible expenses include: research assistant time, data acquisition, and field research travel support.

Applications should be brief (2-3 pages), detail the proposed research, and describe the expected contribution of this funding to the PI's longer-term research agenda. A detailed budget is also required.

Click here for further application details and instructions.

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