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Harvard/HKS Internal Funding Opportunities

Climate Change Solutions Fund 

Applications are invited from researchers and faculty in all disciplines to participate in Harvard University's Climate Solutions Fund. Reviewers will evaluate applications on intellectual merit, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and likely impact on all fields of energy and the environment. Strong consideration will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear pathway to application, as well as riskier proposals with the potential to be transformative over time. Applications should propose research that will advance solutions to climate change, which may include both preparedness and migration. Applicants may apply for up to $150,000, payable over one or two years, as specified in the proposal. 

Proposals are due Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Click here for further application details and instructions.


Challenges to Democracy Associate Professor Faculty Grants

The Ash Center announces the Challenges to Democracy grant, a new program for HKS professors at the associate level. The purpose of the program is to support associate professors at a critical juncture of their careers while simultaneously building a body of research that contributes to the Ash Center's strategic priorities to strengthen democratic practices and institutional innovation in order to meet the profound challenges facing the world's citizens. 

Proposals are due Friday, May 15, 2015.

Click here for further application details and instructions.


HKS Dean's Research Fund

Managed by the RAO, the Dean's Research Fund (DRF) provides seed funding mainly to junior faculty. Eligible expenses include: research assistant time, data acquisition, and field research travel support.

Applications should be brief (2-3 pages), detail the proposed research, and describe the expected contribution of this funding to the PI's longer-term research agenda. A detailed budget is also required.

Click here for further application details and instructions.

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