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March 2014: Resisting the Sirens of Micromanagement


You've missed the March program, time to apply for:

Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results August 24-29, 2014

The program begins on at noon on Sunday, August 24 and ends at 1:00 on Friday, August 29

But the application deadline is: Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

This edition of Driving Government Performance is filling up fast. But Bob always likes to give preference to loyal subscribers. But he can't save a space for you . . . . unless, that is, you actually apply. So . . . .

Apply Now. Or, Come August, Don't Complain.

Bob also conducts custom-designed executive-education programs for public agencies seeking to ratchet up the performanace of their entire leadership team — and their entire organization.

Alex makes another diving save.

"Hey Jacques Plante. No red light this time."


More rantings by Bob on Performance Leadership:

Bob devotes both his teaching and research to the challenge of improving performance in public organizations. Recently, he has been focusing his attention on the leadership and management strategy that he calls "PerformanceStat," which includes CompStat, CitiStat, and similar efforts by governmental jurisdictions and public agencies to produce results. Here are a few of Bob's publications on performance:

Designing PerformanceStat: Or What Are the Key Strategic Choices that a Jurisdiction or Agency Must Make When Adapting the CompStat/CitiStat Class of Performance Strategies? (December 2008)

The Seven Big Errors of PerformanceStat (February 2007)

What All Mayors Would Like to Know About Baltimore's CitiStat Performance Strategy (September 2007)

The Varieties of CitiStat (May 2006)

Performance Leadership: 11 Better Practices That Can Ratchet Up Performance (May 2004)

Why Measure Performance? Different Purposes Require Different Measures (September 2003)

The Psychological Barriers to Performance Management: Or Why Isn't Everyone Jumping on the Performance-Management Bandwagon (September 2002)

Performance, People, and Pay (May 2000)

Strategies for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Contracting, with Peter A. Kant, (June 1999)

Creating Innovative Organization: Ten Hints for Involving FrontlineWorkers (Fall 1995)

The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results (The latest Chapter Outline for Bob's forthcoming book)

Bob Behn on "The Craft of Memo Writing"


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