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Harvard Kennedy School seeks solutions

Through teaching, learning, engagement, and research, HKS changemakers seek to preserve and protect our planet.

Climate Solutions


Powering the energy transition

Experts agree on two things when it comes to the clean energy transition: it will be hard getting to a net-zero future and failing to get there is not an option.

Sustainability by the numbers

HKS is committed to incorporating sustainability throughout its operations and policies, using a strategy grounded in scholarship and community engagement.

Nicholas Burns speaking with his hand raised and sitting in front of an American flag.

2024 Graduation Address

Nicholas Burns, the ambassador of the United States to the People’s Republic of China, will give the 2024 Graduation Address at Harvard Kennedy School on Wednesday, May 22. After a distinguished career as a senior U.S. diplomat, Nick Burns taught for thirteen years on the Kennedy School faculty until he was sworn in as ambassador to China in 2021.

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Acknowledgment of Land and People

Harvard University is located on the traditional land of the Massachusett people, and the Nipmuc and Wampanoag Nations have long been our neighbors as well. Harvard Kennedy School recognizes and honors the past, present, and future of these Indigenous people and precious lands.