Headshot of Abosede Lewu
MC/MPA 2022
WAPPP Intern, Oval Office
Vot-ER; Boston, MA

The best theme to describe Abosede's internship project is MO-ICE, an acronym for Mobilizing Organizing, and Institutionalization of Civic Engagement, which she recently coined. This summer, Abosede will be working as A Civic Health Summer Graduate Intern at Vot-ER under the supervision of Aliya Bhatia, the Executive Director, and Kristina Whiton O Brien, Director of partnerships.

Vot-ER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to integrate civic engagement into healthcare, often empowering and engaging a new voter base. This organization was founded by Dr. Alister Martin, an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School, just like her. Interning at Vot-ER is an excellent opportunity for her to learn how the organization engages a new voter base in the U.S. This skill is aligned with her commitment to getting more women into political offices. This is the mission of SHE VOTES NAIJA (SVN), a new project she founded to engage more girls and women in the electioneering process and make them into a powerful voters' block. She wants women to be able to run and win. The immediate objectives of SVN are to reach 1,000,000 girls and young women between the ages of 18 and 35 years in higher institutions and the workforce and help them civically engage.

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