fbpx Alan Zaslavsky | Harvard Kennedy School

Alan M. Zaslavsky, PhD, is Professor of Health Care Policy (Statistics) in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Zaslavsky’s statistical research interests include surveys, census methodology, small area estimation, official statistics, missing data, hierarchical modeling, and Bayesian methodology. His research topics in health care policy center on measurement of the quality of care provided by health plans through consumer assessments and clinical and administrative data. Among his current major projects are (1) the core development project of the Consumer Assessments of Health Plans Study(CAHPS), (2) the CAHPS implementation for Medicare managed care, (3) methodological research on surveys in psychiatric epidemiology, centered on validation of the CIDI-A (adolescent) survey in the National Comorbidity Study-Adolescent, and (4) studies of determinants of quality of care for cancer. Other research interests include measurement of disparities in health care and privacy and confidentiality for healthcare data.


Phone: 617-432-2441