Headshot of Alejandra Muguruza
MPA/ID 2024
WAPPP Intern, Cultural Bridge
Office of the Honorable Commissioner for the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources; Lagos, Nigeria

Alejandra Guardia will intern at the Office of the Honorable Commissioner for the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources in the Lagos State Government this summer. Nigeria, a key regional player in West Africa, is taking the lead in implementing actions to guarantee equitable climate action and to provide modern energy services to its citizens. However, challenges persist in terms of accessibility and reliance on the electrical system, hindering economic growth and resulting in a low ranking in the human capital development index (150 out of 157). In Lagos State, the second most populous city in Africa, only 8% of households have access to over 16 hours of electricity daily, while a majority of 60% face limited availability of 0-8 hours. Furthermore, the use of fossil fuel-powered off-grid generators exacerbates environmental pollution and harmful emissions. To tackle these issues, Alejandra will lead the implementation of the Lagos Electricity Market. This strategy aims to promote competition among suppliers, drive innovation, and reduce carbon emissions in the electricity sector. She will design the Independent System Operator (ISO) to ensure transparent pricing and encourage suppliers to operate within capacity limits, thereby improving system reliability and fostering economic growth. By mobilizing technical and political support from federal and state authorities, Alejandra will advocate for the implementation of this initiative and the necessary legal framework. The goal is to achieve substantial cost savings of $11M on fuel-powered electricity, benefitting the people of Lagos and advancing sustainable development in the State.

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