Headshot of Alice Danon
PhD candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
WAPPP Intern, Adrienne Hall
Research project; Delhi, India

Alice is conducting a summer internship project focused on investigating the prevalence of the chastity norm and its potential implications for gender dynamics in India. She works with another PhD student on this project. The study's primary objectives are to estimate the prevalence of personal preferences regarding pre-marital sex and assess the potential misperception of these preferences among young men and women in India. By analyzing gender-specific data, the team aims to uncover potential disparities between societal norms and individual desires. Building upon previous research that highlights the impact of correcting misperceptions regarding social norms, they intend to investigate how misperceptions related to the chastity norm influence decision-making and relationship dynamics. If misperceptions are identified, the research will explore the effects of correcting them on attitudes and behaviors towards pre-marital sex, with a particular emphasis on gender dynamics. To achieve these goals, they will conduct an anonymous online survey with 250 college students in India and an in-person pilot study with 300 students in Delhi over the summer. The project aims to understand better the intersection between societal norms, individual preferences, and gender dynamics. Ultimately, this research seeks to inform interventions and policy changes that promote gender equality and empower individuals to make informed choices.

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