Headshot of Ana Luisa
PhD candidate in Population Health Sciences, Harvard University
WAPPP Intern, Cultural Bridge
DREAM; Naushahro Feroze, Pakistan

Ana will work with the NGO DREAM—Development and Research for Children in Early and Adolescent years of life—in the rural area of Naushahro Feroze, Sindh, Pakistan. Together, they will conduct a research project to assess the potential associations between maternal empowerment and responsive caregiving in that region. As a first step, they will work closely with the experienced NGO team to adapt and refine the research instruments to maximize their cultural appropriateness. Based on this initial adaptation, Ana and the NGO chairperson and field coordinator, Ms. Saima Siyal, will perform training and ongoing supervision of the research team, supporting a series of qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The analysis of such data will address a significant evidence gap in the interplay of women’s empowerment and adequate caregiving within a cultural context where gender inequity is pronounced, helping to inform the design and implementation of programs aiming at fostering early childhood development, maternal health, and gender equality in low and middle-income countries.

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