fbpx Barbara Annis | Harvard Kennedy School
Headshot of Barbara Annis
Chair Emerita, Women's Leadership Board
Founding Partner, Gender Intelligence Group (GIG)
Member, Women's Leadership Board, Women and Public Policy Program

Barbara began her career as the first woman in sales at Sony and became the first woman Sales Manager with 14 Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards and Sony’s MVP Award. For the past thirty years, Barbara Annis, CEO of Gender Intelligence Group, has advocated the value and practice of Gender and Cultural Intelligence in Fortune 500 companies and organizations worldwide. Annis’ insights and achievements have pioneered a transformational shift in cultural attitudes across the globe on the importance of gender unity to organizational success.

Barbara's latest book (coming June 2017) is Results at the Top, co-authored with Richard Nesbitt. There are few if any books written specifically to men on gender diversity and what men can and should do to support and champion the advancement of women into leadership roles. Results at the Top is the first book of its kind written primarily—though not exclusively—for men, showing them exactly why organizational performance is better and how to get on board. Results at the Top will be of high interest to women as well, for by speaking to men and making known their thoughts and the reasons for their behaviors, we reveal to women how to best communicate and interact with men in the workplace, and in many other aspects of life.

Gender Intelligence: Breakthrough Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Improving Your Bottom Line (May 2014), co-authored with Dr. Keith Merron, represents the culmination of twenty-seven years of gender-based research and global practice that uniquely apply cutting-edge brain-based research to the workplace. It offers leaders the mindset and systemic changes needed to transform their organizations, bridge the gap between men and women at all levels of leadership and management, and in the process, create more inclusive and productive organizations.

Other titles by Barbara include Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business (2014, co-authored with John Gray of Mars Venus renown); Same Words, Different Language: A Proven Guide for Creating Gender Intelligence at Work (Third Edition 2016); and Leadership and the Sexes (2008) co-authored with Michael Gurian.

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