Headshot of Denise LeFrak
Founder of the Denise LeFrak Foundation
Member, Women's Leadership Board, Women and Public Policy Program


Being raised in a family with a highly successful father in the male dominated world of real estate development, I have always been aware of the challenge of women fighting for gender equality. I am a partner in a multi-use, multi dwelling company that develops and manages real estate, so real estate is in my DNA. Also I created my own voice by researching and publishing two books in the field, “High Rise Low Down "and "Rooftop Gardens.” In pursing my passion for philanthropy, I looked for opportunities to support organizations that empower women financially and educationally.

As a mother of two daughters, I felt that it was very important for them to develop their own career paths in order to fulfill their dreams.  My daughter, Jennifer fought all the nay sayers but had my full support  for following her dream of opening a lifestyle store specializing in athletic wear which is now the very successful BANDIER. I am thrilled to be part of the WLB and look forward to joining this group of such exceptional women who collectively can create significant changes.

Membership Type: Individual Member