Elif Memet
Harvard Kennedy School
Master in Public Policy Candidate, 2026
Harvard Business School
Master in Business Administration Candidate, 2026

Elif is a Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Policy candidate at Harvard, where she is a member of the Harvard European Conference leadership, an Oval Office Fellow and a David Rubenstein Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership. Currently, Elif researches Eurozone monetary policy with Professor Jason Furman, former Chief Economist in the Obama Administration, and Nobel laureate Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz, former Chief Economist in the Clinton Administration. Previously, Elif was a Delegate in ECOSOC at the UN, researched income inequality with Professor Joseph Stiglitz, was a private equity investor at Apollo in New York and an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York. Originally from Romania, Elif is part of the Council of Advisers to the Minister of Research and Innovation in the Government of Romania. Previously, she was Chief of Staff to HRH Princess Marina Sturdza, and led the League of Romanian Students Abroad–USA as President, liaising between the student diaspora and the Romanian government. She received the “Ten Outstanding Young People of Romania” and “Forbes 30 Under 30” awards. Elif graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Economics-Mathematics from Columbia University, and was a recipient of Columbia University's King’s Crown Leadership in Excellence award twice.

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