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Reunion Giving Volunteers

Help lead your reunion fundraising effort as a class co-chair or as a member of your class gift committee. Then celebrate your success with your classmates at your reunion on campus.

“Reunion campaigns are an opportunity for us to rekindle our connection to the Kennedy School while helping HKS meet its goals. By participating, we're not only having an impact, we're deepening and continuing our Harvard experience." —Joe Campbell MPP 1978

Volunteering with your Reunion gift committee can be one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences for Harvard Kennedy School alumni. Many volunteers also serve on their class program committee through HKS Alumni Relations, helping to plan Reunion events.

Successful Reunion fundraising relies on broad volunteer participation. Volunteers begin planning early in their Reunion year. Class gift committees are led by co-chairs who set the strategy and tone of the drive, working with the HKS Fund to establish fundraising goals that align with the Kennedy School’s priorities.

Individual classes may build leadership structures that can include vice chairs and participation chairs as well as leadership gift and participation committees. This structure allows opportunities for whatever degree of involvement suits your interest. Co-chairs and vice chairs may make a handful of targeted solicitations throughout the year, while participation volunteers typically contact 10 to 20 classmates. Chairs and committee members also host events throughout the year to build momentum for their reunion and to provide training for volunteers. This peer-to-peer interaction makes the School’s Reunion program successful and truly meaningful.

We hope you will join your classmates and enjoy the experience of advancing your class’s fundraising activity. For more information or to join your class gift committee, please contact the HKS Fund. Thank you for your continued support of Harvard Kennedy School.

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