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Every generation faces the opportunity and the responsibility to meet the challenges of its era. Our greatest problems—from nuclear proliferation and climate change to entrenched poverty and disease—are complex, interrelated, and urgent. At Harvard Kennedy School, we ask what we can do to solve them.

Colin Jones

After Colin Jones’ father passed away when he was eight, his mother supported him with the help of several social service programs. However, Colin says that “foremost among the blessings I received was an excellent education. I learned firsthand the power of education to overcome struggles I faced, and receiving the public service fellowship was an amazing honor. Through my work with youth service programs, I am thankful to be able to live up to the broader purpose of this fellowship.”

We strive to combine scholarly excellence with genuine impact, and our aim is to foster the collaborative efforts of scholars, public officials, and others concerned with the public good. With the most promising, passionate students, 15 research centers, and distinguished faculty representing various academic disciplines, Harvard Kennedy School is a critical resource in addressing today’s most pressing issues.

Supporting the HKS Fund helps address the School’s core needs while positively affecting future generations. The generosity of our alumni and friends is a meaningful and long-lasting affirmation of the power of the Kennedy School to improve the world.

There is much more work to be done. Please join us in supporting these important endeavors. Explore this HKS Fund website for opportunities to become involved.

Ask what you can do … and imagine what we can do together.

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