Jamil Mahuad

Jamil Mahuad is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (1999) for the signing of a definitive Peace Treaty with neighbor country Peru that as President Clinton remarked, “Resolved the Hemisphere’s last and oldest source of armed international conflict.” He’s also a recipient to the WWF’s Gift to the Earth Award (1999). Mr. Mahuad has been Co-Director of the Project on the Prevention of Global Violence, part of the Harvard Institute on Global Health (HIGH), under the office of the President of Harvard University. (2009-2011); Co-founder and Senior Adviser of the Harvard International Negotiation Program, at Harvard Law School (2004-Present), Board Member of The Abraham Path Initiative (2008 - present) and Global Advisory Council Member of Mediators Beyond Borders (2009 – present). Mr. Mahuad teaches as Executive Education Faculty on Leadership and Negotiation at HKS. Mr. Mahuad has lectured at many of the top universities in the world including University of Tokyo, American University of Beirut, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey; University of Saint Gallen –Switzerland-, Pontificia Universidad de Salamanca, Geneva School of Diplomacy, Sloan School of Management at MIT, Yale University, University of Notre Dame, George Washington University and Fletcher School of Diplomacy. Mr. Mahuad has offered keynote speeches to very diverse audiences like the US Army War College, World Bank Group, IBM/Maximo, Congress of American Surgeons, Centro Fox -Mexico, Third European Mediation Congress –London-, Transforming the Arab World –Doha-, Transformation Thinkers –Berlin-, The Roger Fisher’s Life Tribute –Toronto-, Congress of European Magistrates