Headshot of Janet Janjigian
Executive Managing Director, Carmen Group
Member, Women's Leadership Board, Women and Public Policy Program

Janet brings a unique skill set to the table with a professional background that intersects Washington DC, Hollywood and Wall Street. She is an Emmy award winning television news and documentary journalist, former Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at MGM Studios and former President of DC Media Group LA Inc.

Janet specializes in corporate communications, government relations, crisis management and litigation support in a variety of industry sectors. She has represented leaders in healthcare including the global media launch $3 million Heritage Health Prize Challenge for predictive modeling, to develop algorithms to save the country over $40 billion in avoidable hospitalizations. Outside healthcare, she has represented leaders in media, tech, entertainment and academia.

As SVP Corp Comm, Janet developed MGM Studios media strategy. Supporting the messaging for its four core businesses, including the 4,000 title, film library, she raised MGM's profile in the nation's leading business media outlets. She structured the media campaigns for MGM's major M&A transactions, including the $5 billion acquisition of the company in 2005. Janet's Congressional/ Administration expertise enabled the company to pursue and obtain ART ACT, the legislative campaign to protect content. She also directed the media campaign supporting the company’s position in the landmark MGM vs. Grokster case heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Janet's career began in Washington DC, with NBC News and ABC News "Nightline." Subsequently she worked with CNN in Los Angeles. In addition to her Emmy Awards, her work as a journalist has also been honored with the Champion Tuck Award for outstanding business reporting from the Dartmouth School of Business and a Gracie Award.

Janet has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Southern California and an M.A. in Communications from American University, Washington D.C. She graduated from the Global Business Leadership and Management Certification Program, Center for International Business, Georgetown University Graduate School of Business, Washington, D.C.

She is a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Alliance for Women in Media and contributes to “The Huffington Post” and “The Wrap.”

Membership Type: Individual Member