Headshot of Javier Madrazo
MPA/ID 2024
WAPPP Intern, Cultural Bridge
The Antara Foundation; India

Javier is working at The Antara Foundation (TAF), a non-profit organization working to improve the delivery of maternal and child public healthcare in India. Three core principles are key to the organization's mission: scalability, sustainability, and simplicity of implementation. TAF works within the government system to ensure that organizational learning (from designing, testing, and refining solutions to problems) can be impactful at a large scale. Javier is working with TAF's monitoring and evaluation team. His project will focus on quality-of-care monitoring: measuring, tracking, and improving the quality of TAF's programs. Monitoring is important for the organization to recognize gaps in its programs and address them. Javier brings his analytical expertise working in empirical academic research to positively contribute to TAF's objective of monitoring its quality.

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