Headshot of Keshab Giri
WAPPP Fellow
Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St Andrews

Dr. Keshab Giri (he/him/his) holds a position as a tenured-track Lecturer in International Relations at The University of St Andrews, UK. Prior to this, he served as a lecturer in International Relations at The University of Sydney, Australia. Dr. Giri’s research has been published in journals like International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Review, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, and Global Studies Quarterly. His PhD thesis, ‘Experiences of Female Ex-Combatants in the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Endless Battles and Resistance’ received the 2022 Thelma Hunter Gender and Politics PhD Prize from Australian Political Science Studies Association (APSA). His research interests include women combatants, intersectionality, gender and war, violent extremism, leftist insurgencies, critical security studies, rebel governance, governance of intimacy in the rebel group, and the geopolitics of South Asia. His book 'Intersectionality and Experiences of Female Combatants' from Oxford University Press is coming out in 2024.