Linda Kaboolian

Linda Kaboolian, Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Law School, is a sociologist specializing in multi-stakeholder problem solving processes around workplace, community, and policy issues. She works with labor, management, and community groups to improve organizational performance and service to diverse communities. She coaches stakeholders in public education on how they can work together to improve student achievement. She has done extensive and successful negotiations on public policy including the issue of long-haul drivers carrying strategic nuclear material exposed to unsafe levels of radiation. While she now is a neutral mediator, she was an elected officer and chief bargainer of a local union and was a senior manager in the federal government. She has also served in the state, local, and nonprofit sectors. She coauthored Working Better Together: A Practical Guide for Union Leaders, Elected Officials and Managers and The Concord Handbook about organizations that bridge racial, ethnic, and class divides. Her new book is Win-Win Labor-Management Collaboration in Education. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan.

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