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Guest Speaker

Muhamad Chatib Basri is a former Minister of Finance of Indonesia. Previously he was the Chairman of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board.  Dr. Basri is now the Chairman of the PT Bank Mandiri tbk. He taught at the Department of Economics University of Indonesia. Dr. Basri is a member of the World Bank Advisory Council on Gender and Development, member of the board of commissioner of the Low Carbon Development Initiative for Indonesia and member of the Advisory Board, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, the Australian National University. He was a Thee Kian Wie Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Australian National University (2016-2017), Ash Centre Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School (2015-2016), Pacific Leadership Fellow at the Centre on Global Transformation, University of California San Diego (2016) and NTUC Professor of International Economic Relation, RSIS, NTU, Singapore (2016). His expertise is International Trade, Macroeconomics and Political Economy.