Headshot of Raie Gessesse
MPP 2023
Oval Office Teaching Fellow
White House Gender Policy Council; Washington, D.C.

Raie is a dedicated leader with more than seven years of experience organizing in her community to build the power of young women and especially young women of color. At age eighteen, Raie was appointed by former Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to serve as a member of the nation’s first-ever Young Women’s Cabinet. In her role, she has worked to elevate the voices of hundreds of young women across the state, impacting law and policy at the local, state, and national levels. Most recently, she served as the inaugural Midwest Program Manager for IGNITE National, one of the country's largest young women's political organizations dedicated to training the next generation of political leaders. In her role, she has expanded IGNITE's presence across the region and accelerated young women’s tools to run for elected office. In 2020, Raie graduated from Hamline University with a Bachelor of Arts in public health and political science, earning the highest honors and Phi Beta Kappa. Currently, Raie is pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy degree from the Harvard Kennedy School as a 2021 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow and 2021 Center for Public Leadership Fellow.

The GPC is a White House policy council that sits in the Executive Office of the President, alongside fellow offices such as the National Economic Council, the Domestic Policy Council, and the National Security Council. President Biden created the GPC through Executive Order 14020 in March 2021. It is the first-ever such policy council in the White House, and its establishment and ongoing work reflect the importance that the Biden-Harris Administration places on advancing gender equity and equality through both domestic and foreign policy. Raie's portfolio of work will revolve around supporting the GPC policy areas on health and education, engaging external stakeholders to inform policy development and deepening public outreach, and assisting GPC senior leadership with other high-priority projects on numerous policy issue areas. Additionally, she will assist in the implementation of the National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality – the first-ever such strategy in the United States, which President Biden released in October 2021 that calls for a whole-of-government approach to realize the goals identified in the strategy.

Focus Area: Gender and Politics