Headshot of Rohini Iyer
MPP 2023
WAPPP Intern, Lara Warner Scholar
The World Bank; Washington, D.C.

Rohini will be interning at The World Bank’s Africa Gender Innovation Lab (GIL) where she will lead gender-focused impact evaluations in Africa. The Gender Innovation Lab seeks to identify effective policies to address gender inequality, particularly in promoting women’s economic opportunity and social empowerment. GIL carries out rigorous impact evaluations of gender-innovative interventions in the areas of agricultural productivity, entrepreneurship, employment, and economic empowerment in Africa. As an intern, Rohini will help synthesize evidence for decision-makers in government and the private sector on what does and does not work in addressing the underlying causes of gender inequality, and on how best to close gender gaps in earnings, productivity, assets, property rights, and agency. She will provide data analysis support on two impact evaluations - one in Cote d’Ivoire which examines how women’s labor supply varies with their social networks’ labor supply and another in Turkey which investigates the degree of gender bias among loan officers in Turkey. Rohini will also work on tool development and data analysis for the Measures for Advancing Gender Equality (MAGNET) initiative, which aims to broaden and deepen the measurement of women’s agency, by developing new tools and rigorous testing and comparison methods. Specifically on the Cote d’Ivoire study, she will help design an add-on intervention to ease female farmers’ labor constraints through qualitative feasibility/market research and identification of potential implementation partners. The ultimate objective would be to increase the take-up of effective gender policies and programs by governments and the private sector.

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