Headshot of Safira Putri
MPP 2024
WAPPP Intern, Cultural Bridge
Pratham Education; New Delhi, India

In the bustling heart of New Delhi, Safira embarks on an enriching internship with Pratham Education. Safira will work with the Second Chance program, a revolutionary initiative under Pratham's Girls Education Program. Designed to reach out to girls and women who have prematurely exited formal education, the program breathes new life into their academic aspirations, guiding them toward the achievement of a crucial diploma certificate.

Safira's mission centers on an in-depth evaluation of the program's effectiveness in fostering women's empowerment. She meticulously assesses the starting conditions of incoming program participants, establishing a comprehensive baseline of their circumstances. Subsequently, Safira shifts focus to the program's alumni, delving into the long-term outcomes and personal transformations they have experienced.

In the spirit of holistic evaluation, Safira engages directly with students from ten diverse districts across India. Through these insightful interactions, she captures their personal narratives, challenges, and victories that transcend the data points.

Safira's goal is to use the findings to contribute to the development of an even more effective program. This project demonstrates her commitment to education and her belief in providing every woman the opportunity to succeed.

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