Tad Oelstrom

Lt Gen Tad Oelstrom, US Air Force (ret.), is the former director of the National Security Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. The National Security Program encompasses a broad range of executive education initiatives, e.g., program for Senior Executives in National and International Security, National Security Fellows program, US-Russia Security program, Black Sea Security Program, Generals and Flag Officers Homeland Security Program and the US-South Asia Leader Engagement Program. He joined the faculty in 2001 after more than 35 years in the US Air Force, retiring as a Lieutenant General.

As a Command Pilot, Lt Gen Oelstrom has flown more than 20 types of fighter aircraft, served in 6 different countries, and participated in combat in both Southeast Asia and Southwest Asia. He has command experience at all tactical levels from Flight through Numbered Air Force. Key senior command positions include three different fighter wings in England, Southwest Asia, and Germany, the US Third Air Force in England and the US Air Force Academy. Key staff assignments include Director of Fighter Operations, Tactical Air Command; Executive Officer to the Deputy Commander US European Command; and Inspector General US Air Forces in Europe. His areas of focus are national and international security issues, US military, and advanced development education for national security professionals.