Headshot of Tara Burchmore
MPP 2023
WAPPP Intern, Lucker
United Nations Foundation; Washington, D.C.

Tara is spending the summer at the United Nations Foundation, working with Girl Up, a global leadership development initiative working with groups of girls domestically and internationally to encourage leadership in the gender equality movement. Girl Up seeks to broaden social impact skill sets and motivate girls to inspire policy change and is one of many projects executed by the United Nations Foundation as a strategic partner of the UN to foster progress aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Tara is a Programs Intern on Girl Up's Programs & Impact team. One of her primary roles on the team is supporting the annual Girl Up Leadership Summit. The Leadership Summit is a major international convening of girls passionate about social change, incorporating plenary sessions, workshops, and speakers to galvanize and excite girls while broadening their social impact skillsets. Tara will assist in implementing and generating ideas and content for programming during the Girl Up Leadership Summit, offering key operational support. She will also help with logistics and volunteer outreach for the Leadership Summit. The Girl Up team dedicates substantial resources to planning and implementing the Leadership Summit every summer, and Tara's contributory role is critical. Following the Summit, Tara will participate in evaluating and measuring the impact of this year's Leadership Summit, generating key takeaways for next year's planning process.

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