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There are a number of external fellowship and scholarship opportunities available to you—whether you are a U.S. or international student—that are not affiliated with Harvard Kennedy School. We encourage you to seek them out.

Our Funding Resource Database includes information on many of these opportunities offered by outside organizations and agencies. It’s designed to help with your search, but is not meant to be comprehensive—you should do your own research as well. Keep in mind that some of the fellowships and scholarships listed in our database may require you to meet certain eligibility criteria, and they will all have varying deadlines. Contact the organization or agency directly if you have specific questions.

Funding Resource Database
Our database includes information on external fellowship and scholarship opportunities.
Information for our International Applicants

Many of our international students use scholarships from external organizations and government agencies to cover their entire cost of attendance.

Researching funding opportunities requires planning and persistence. Many are competitive, and you’ll need to secure and certify full funding (for at least your first academic year) to be approved for a student visa.

You may consider contacting the U.S. Information Service or Educational Advising Center designated by the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country. These centers contain libraries with free publications that list institutions or organizations that offer financial aid to international students. They may also provide special lectures on funding possibilities as well as databases on U.S. institutions. These offices are typically located in your country's capital city, but there may be branches elsewhere in your country.

If you already live in the United States, international student offices and career offices on college campuses may provide valuable information on financial assistance as well as catalogs on scholarships, fellowships, and grants.