2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

All Master’s Degree Programs
Tuition $48,574
Course materials $486
HKS activity fee $175
Mid-Career Summer Program (MC/MPA students and Mason Fellows only) $8,546
Mason Seminar (Mason Fellows only) $3,720
Mandatory Health Insurance*
HUHS Student Health Fee (SHF) $1,142
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) $3,130
University Health Services (for July; MC/MPA students and Mason Fellows only) $390
Other Expenses
Estimated living expenses, per month $2,338
Personal expenses and travel $5,022
      MC/MPA students and Mason Fellows $5,580
Books and supplies $1,548
      MC/MPA students and Mason Fellows $1,820

*Dental coverage is not included as part of the university health plan; it can be purchased at an additional cost. Visit the Harvard University Health Services website for details. 

Dependents—For international students only*

Number of Dependents
Maintenance (per month)
Mandatory Health Fees (academic year**)
One $900 $6,776
Two $1,600 $10,356
Three $2,100 $12,158
Each additional $5,000 No cost

*Federal regulations prohibit HKS from including dependents’ day-to-day costs in a domestic student’s cost of attendance.
**Summer insurance may be up to $592 per dependent, in addition to health fees for the academic year. The SHF and SHIP are required for all dependents.

U.S. health care costs are very high. Lacking medical insurance or being unable to pay for health care services may prevent spouses or children from receiving medical care.