What are Teaching Assistants?

Course Assistants, Teaching Fellows, and Course Coaches—TAs for short—assist faculty in teaching courses at HKS. Working as a TA is a great way to help your fellow students, form a close working relationship with an HKS faculty member and get involved in the school community. It’s also an opportunity to further your own learning—there’s no better way to learn something than by teaching it to others.

Course Assistant Duties

Duties vary by course depending on faculty need and CA strengths, but may include:

  • Assisting faculty during class and tracking student participation
  • Holding office hours; responding to student queries
  • Giving faculty "first reads" on written assignments; marking problem sets
  • Maintaining the course Canvas page
  • Preparing course materials; arranging media services
  • Proctoring exams

CAs and faculty should maintain open communication so duties are clear. Hourly commitment varies, but tends to average 8-10 per week. The pay rate for CAs in 2017-2018 is $18.00 per hour.

Teaching Fellow Duties

In addition to CA duties noted above, TFs are responsible for teaching course review sessions. HKS reviews generally meet on Fridays for 1.25 hours. Compensation for Teaching Fellows may vary by course; please contact Keely Bielat Soltow if you’re unsure how much you should expect to receive.

Course Coach Duties

In addition to CA duties noted above, CCs work closely with students in courses with negotiation, simulation, or coaching elements; they may run simulations, exercises, breakout sessions and/or experiential elements within these courses. Like TFs, CCs are paid via monthly stipend and do not submit hours.


Keely Bielat Soltow
Assistant Director of Academic Planning
Office: Littauer 225
Phone: 617-496-2328