How to Apply
  1. Read through these Teaching Assistant (TA) web pages and make sure you understand all rules, regulations, and policies.
  2. Review the TA Job Listing section. Job lists are tentative and courses may be added, dropped, or moved to another semester.
  3. Submit your application.

We only accept applications from those who are currently enrolled full time at Harvard. You may also wish to speak directly to faculty members you'd like to work with, but you will still need to submit the official TA application.

Complete Your Application
  •  Write a few sentences explaining your interests, skills, education, work experience, and course work in the comment box. Do not list these details using hyphens or dashes. This will invalidate your response.
  • Do not paste your entire resume. This will invalidate your response.
  • Indicate your preference (if any) for Course Assistant (CA) or Teaching Fellow (TF) jobs in the comment box, and if your interest varies from course to course.
  • Tell us about your teaching or coaching qualifications and experience if you are applying to a TF or Course Coach job.  
  • Apply for more than one job each semester.   
Application Schedule
  • Job listings are generally posted in May, but are updated throughout the year
  • Applications are due in late May, and may be accepted throughout the year as new jobs are posted
  • Offers are made in July for fall courses, and in November for the January and spring courses
  • Accept or decline your offer within a week after receiving the formal offer
2024-2025 Academic Year
Apply to be a Teaching Assistant