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You may be eligible for work-study while you are enrolled at Harvard Kennedy School so long as you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with demonstrated financial need as determined from reviewing your FAFSA information.

Work-study is a federal financial aid program that subsidizes employers who hire work-study eligible students confirmed by the HKS Office of Student Financial Services. Positions are typically on campus, but some nonprofits or other external organizations may be eligible.

Rather than incurring the full cost of your work-study wages, an employer is typically responsible for about 30 percent of a work-study recipient's gross earnings.

To be paid through work-study, you must secure a position, then contact the HKS Office of Student Financial Services to verify work-study eligibility and receive your work-study earnings cap. You submit the number of hours worked each week using the PeopleSoft platform. Your total earnings will be your hourly rate multiplied by the hours worked per week, times the number of weeks worked. Once you reach the total earnings cap—which is inclusive of the employer-portion of earnings, not in addition to it—the employer must begin paying 100 percent of your wages if you want to continue employment.

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