Coming to Cambridge to visit Harvard Kennedy School may not be an option for you. That's why, throughout the year, we hit the road to meet and talk with prospective applicants like you.

We are always planning new HKS events off campus, so check back on this page often, sign up to stay up to date on HKS admissions news, or subscribe to our admissions blog.

Our current students want to meet you, too. They often host informal information sessions and coffee hours during their travels to talk about their HKS experience. Just note they are not experts in our admissions process, do not serve on our admissions committees, and do not provide evaluative comments to our committee members. Email us instead with your admissions-related questions.

Upcoming Events in the United States

Register below. Check back often for updates.

Upcoming International Events

Mexico City (February 26, 2018). Staff-led session.

See where we've already been in 2018

Events in the United States

Miami, FL (January 6). Student-led session.
Boulder, CO (January 10). Student-led session.
Washington, DC (January 18). Student-led session.
Carson City, NV (January 19). Staff-led session.
Exeter, NH (January 20). Staff-led session.

International Events

Santiago, Chile (January 2). Student-led session.
Tehran, Iran (January 3). Student-led session.
Accra, Ghana (January 4). Student-led session.
Managua, Nicaragua (January 4). Student-led session.
Asuncion, Paraguay (January 6). Student-led session.
Beijing, China (January 6). Student-led session.
Lima, Peru (January 9). Student-led session.
Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire (January 10). Student-led session.
Mexico City, Mexico (January 10). Student-led session.
Lima, Peru (January 10). Student-led session.
London, England (January 11). Student-led session.
Bangalore, India (January 13). Alumni-led session.
Ramallah, Palestine (January 13). Student-led session.
Hanoi, Vietnam (January 13). Student-led session.
Lagos, Nigeria (January 18). Student-led session.
Nairobi, Kenya (January 18). Student-led session.
Dubai, UAE (January 21). Staff-led session.
Muscat, Oman (January 23). Staff-led session