You will need to scan and upload transcripts for all the colleges and universities you have attended. This includes institutions where you may have taken courses but did not receive a degree.

Your transcripts must include the following:

  • All courses attended and grades received
  • Proof of degree conferral
  • Date of degree conferral
  • Grading policy and scale

U.S. colleges and universities include this information on transcripts in most cases, but it may vary for international transcripts. Proof of degree conferral is usually a separate document—you will need to request this information in addition to your transcript. We will contact you if we need more information from you.

If you received a degree from a college or university, but it is not explicitly stated on your transcript that you received a degree, you must request separate documentation from your institution. The wording "graduated" or "completed" does not fulfill this requirement. The document should include the degree you received and the date you received it.

You must submit a copy of your program evaluation if you participated in the Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship Program. This is a separate question on our online application, so you do not need to include these details in the "Education" section of your application.

Do not provide transcripts for professional training, executive education, language programs, secondary schools, Gymnasiums, lycées, or certificate programs that did not earn you college or university credit. Do not list these institutions or programs in your application.

What if I transferred universities or studied abroad?

You will only need to submit separate transcripts for study abroad programs and transfer classes if your home institution did not report your grades, courses, and dates of attendance. Many transcripts only note that your home institution received the credits, but we will need to see the specific courses and grades you received for these classes.

Non-English transcripts

Transcripts and diplomas in languages other than English must be translated by your issuing institution or a certified translation service. We must receive the original and translated versions. We do not have a preferred translation service but often recommend World Education Services (WES) and SpanTran

You are not required to submit a credential evaluation, but we strongly encourage you to do so if your transcript is in a language other than English.

What if I am currently enrolled in classes or a degree program?

If you are currently enrolled in classes or a degree-granting program, we need proof of enrollment that includes a list of your current classes. We do not need to see grades if they are not available, but we will need to see classes.

Important note on official documents

All transcripts uploaded to your application for admission are considered unofficial. You do not need to request official transcripts for the purposes of applying to HKS. If you are admitted and decide to enroll at HKS, you must then provide official copies of your transcripts and degree conferrals if you received a degree. You must have your issuing institution send the transcript, degree conferral, and translation (if necessary) directly to our admissions office.

If you enroll but do not submit your official documents by the deadline in your admissions letter, you cannot enroll in classes until we receive all of your official documents. Keep this in mind as you prepare your application. Due to long processing times, we recommend requesting official documents from your institution(s) at least one month in advance.