Each spring, the Office of Career Advancement publishes an employment report highlighting the employment outcomes of the previous year’s graduating class. It’s always exciting to see the amazing things HKS graduates go on to do once they leave campus—and the Class of 2022 was certainly no exception.

The 681 graduates in the HKS Class of 2022 entered a professional landscape worn and shifted in the wake of the COVID pandemic, but eager to put the talents of our graduates to work.

graphic displaying 681 graduates, 77 countries and territories represented

These graduates went on to apply their skills and passions in a multitude of ways to help build communities that are safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous. Opportunities for remote and hybrid work created new possibilities for what they would do, how they would work, and where they would live. Many graduates took positions in emerging areas of healthcare, economic development, climate adaptation, workforce development, and evolving technologies.

The Class of 2022 pursued public service careers across sectors, policy areas, and industries. They took on roles in a range of areas, including government, nonprofit work and nongovernmental organizations, strategy and economic consulting, education, and advocacy. And they reported the top factors in choosing their first post-HKS roles were the right fit for their skills and experience, contribution to the public good, and personal family considerations.

graphic showing sector breakdown of graduates

Here are some highlights from this year’s report:

  • 681 graduates are working in 55 countries and territories, 29 U.S. states, and Washington, D.C.
  • 91 percent of graduates were employed and 6 percent were running for office, launching new ventures, or continuing their education by the end of October 2022.
  • Overall, 28% of graduates went on to work in the public sector, 22% are working for non-profit organizations, and 44% entered the private sector.
  • Top destinations for graduates included the U.S. federal government—with 54 graduates working in 21 departments and agencies—as well as international governments, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms.
  • 34 graduates launched new ventures in areas including women’s empowerment, gender equality, healthcare, economic development, citizen engagement, and renewability energy.
  • 86% of employers hired only one graduate, a measure of our graduates’ diverse trajectories.

graphic showing 34 grads launching new ventures, 18 grads engaged in advocacy work

Read the full report for more detailed insight into what HKS graduates go on to do and to see a breakdown of career placement data by degree program.

We can’t wait to see what the Classes of 2023 and beyond do to make a lasting impact across industries, sectors, and communities!

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