Shivangi Chopra speaks at a podium during the India Conference
Shivangi Chopra MPA/ID 2025 is thankful for HKS’s vibrant and inclusive community, especially in the MPA/ID cohort. Read more about Shivangi’s HKS experience and her advice for prospective students below.

Shivangi Chopra is a first-year MPA/ID student originally from New Delhi, India. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, she served in the Indian Railway Service and McKinsey & Company, where she drove initiatives for women’s inclusion and advised on digital enablement and sustainability. She’s passionate about female labor force participation and gender’s role in health. She enjoys traveling and has found a new love for cooking since her move to Cambridge.

What inspired you to choose Harvard Kennedy School, and what expectations did you have before arriving?

Harvard Kennedy School’s reputation for academic excellence and its unparalleled commitment to shaping global leaders inspired me to choose it. I was also intrigued by the vibrant academic ecosystem in the Boston-Cambridge area and the chance to immerse myself in diverse experiences across various schools. Before arriving, I anticipated a rigorous yet supportive environment where I could engage with diverse perspectives. I’m pleasantly surprised—the program surpasses my expectations in rigor, while the environment is even more supportive and collaborative than I imagined.

What are your favorite things about your experience at HKS?

My favorite aspect of my experience at HKS is the vibrant and inclusive community, especially my MPA/ID cohort. From engaging discussions in and outside of class to cross-cohort gatherings, family dinners, and extracurricular activities, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with passionate individuals from all corners of the globe. Additionally, the access to world-renowned faculty and resources has been invaluable in expanding my knowledge and refining my skills.

In what ways do you engage with the Harvard Kennedy School community outside of the classroom?

Through multiple channels! I’m working as a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) Associate with the Office of Enrollment Services. This experience has helped me engage not only with current students, caucuses, and faculty but also very closely with prospective students—some of them are new admits whom I can’t wait to meet!

I also participate in student organizations and events that align with my interests. I’m a part of the leadership team for the GSAS Consulting Club, involved with the India Caucus, and was part of the organizing team for the India Conference at Harvard. These experiences have immensely enriched my experience and fostered meaningful connections.

What advice would you offer to prospective students considering Harvard Kennedy School?

Two key points:

  1. Embrace your strengths. Everyone has their unique reason for being here, so don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated.
  2. Your journey at HKS will be challenging yet transformative, empowering, and incredibly rewarding. Enjoy every moment!

Quick questions

  • Favorite class: API-110: Advanced Microeconomic Analysis II with Professor Jie Bai 
  • Favorite study spot: Harvard Law School Library is my all-time fave! 
  • Favorite restaurant near campus: Saloniki Greek
  • One bucket list item you want to accomplish before graduating: Attend the Japan trek next year
  • Favorite guest speaker: Professor Robert D. Putnam for our political economy class
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