collage of six photos from the top stories of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, let’s revisit some of the year’s most-viewed stories from across the HKS website chronicling research and insights from HKS experts and scholars. 

Lessons from a year of war in Ukraine

HKS faculty members reflect on how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the way we think about vital global issues and what lessons it has taught us.

When Black women work in whiter teams, they may have worse job outcomes

A study by Associate Professor Elizabeth Linos and colleagues offers insight into diversity and retention in elite firms. 

Vertical integration in medicine is leading to higher costs and worse health outcomes

A study finds that, counterintuitively, certain financial incentives are leading to higher costs and more complications. 

At Harvard Kennedy School conference, experts ask about the public value of happiness

Professor of Practice Arthur Brooks and other experts explain that happiness goes far beyond personal well-being.

Study: Doctors’ political beliefs influence COVID treatment recommendations

A report indicates polarization and partisan media play a role in health care decision-making. 

Local news provides a vital civic bond—we cannot let it disappear

Local news infrastructure is being eroded, harming democracy and civic life, experts say. HKS scholars and alumni are working to rebuild it. 

Study shows race is central in opioid policy preferences

Public and policymaker support for treatment or punishment can be swayed by substance users’ racial identity in media depictions, says a paper coauthored by HKS faculty member.

Jacinda Ardern has a lot to be proud of as former prime minister of New Zealand, and one big confession to make

Speaking to a full audience at the JFK Jr. Forum, Ardern said when creating policy, one thing worked best when her country faced the Christchurch murders, COVID, even cow emissions: “Bring in the public.”

South Korea’s leader on freedom, nuclear weapons, and the soft power of K-pop

At Harvard, President Yoon Suk Yeol lauds 70 years of U.S.-South Korean alliance and warns of global threats to freedom.

HKS faculty tackle causes and effects of extreme economic inequality 

The extreme levels of inequality now evident in the United States and other countries across the globe carry grave systemic risks.

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