By Juan Pablo Pietrini Sánchez MPP/MBA (Stanford) 2025

Group of people smiling while holding flags of Latin American countries
Members of the Latin American Caucus gather in Wexner Commons during the LATAM Quorum Call.

Who we are

illustrated logo for the Latin American Caucus showing the LATAM region of the globeThe Latin American Caucus (also known as the LATAM Caucus) is a student organization at Harvard Kennedy School. Our mission has three pillars:

  1. Create a supportive community for Latin students at HKS
  2. Serve as a platform for collaboration between students and Latin organizations across the University and beyond
  3. Promote the cultures of the various Latin American countries and the role of the region in shaping global perspectives and possibilities

What we do

Throughout the year, we organize different activities aligned with the three pillars of our mission. Some activities have become traditions, while other initiatives vary each year depending on caucus leadership. Among the activities that the LATAM Caucus has organized are:

  • A LATAM Quorum Call to share Latin culture with the wider HKS community
  • Trips to different countries in the region to promote their cultural, socioeconomic, political, and business roles in the world
  • An awareness campaign commemorating International Women’s Day and the mobilization of Latin American feminism
  • A Day of the Dead party in collaboration with students from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School
  • A Latin Christmas dinner to build community
  • Conversations with Latin leaders to discuss current issues in their countries the region
  • Networking meetings with alumni
Assortment of four posters promoting past LATAM Caucus events

How to get involved

We invite new students to get involved with the LATAM Caucus in different forms and at various levels. You can: 

  • Join discussions and contribute your ideas
  • Attend events and participate in initiatives
  • Apply for a leadership role within the LATAM Caucus to play a role in organizing initiatives and events

For more information or to join LATAM Caucus WhatsApp group, contact Juan Pablo Pietrini Sánchez, co-president of the LATAM Caucus for the 2023-2024 academic year, at

Image Credits

Photo courtesy of Juan Pablo Pietrini Sánchez

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