By Jimmy Kane, LICSW

headshot of Jimmy KaneThe Degree Programs and Student Affairs (DPSA) team at Harvard Kennedy School aims to create a campus community that attracts, supports, and sustains a diverse and public service-minded student body as they pursue their intellectual and professional growth goals.

My role as a member of DPSA is to support students and serve as an on-campus resource regarding academic or personal matters so students can continue being successful. In addition, I follow up and work with students when someone in the HKS community has expressed a concern for them. Through my conversations with students, I’m often able to connect them to resources and individuals to help guide them through any difficulties they may be facing.

As you consider applying to the Kennedy School, I’d like to share some information about the resources and support services that would be available to you as an HKS student.  

Mental Health

Students can access the Counseling and Mental Health Service for brief therapy or psychiatric care and connect with mental health support anytime through the CAMHS Cares Line.


The Student Health Fee provides students access to care at Harvard University Health Services, a multi-specialty medical practice exclusively for members of the Harvard community.


Students can participate in weekly exercise, meditation, and yoga classes at the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion and free community dance classes at Harvard Dance Center

Confidential Supports

The Harvard Ombuds Office, Harvard Chaplains, and SHARE serve as additional confidential resources at Harvard available to students for support.

Being an effective leader in public service means taking care of yourself too, and Harvard Kennedy School recognizes that needing help is something we all have in common. Should you join the HKS community, I encourage you to explore our student support page for more information. I hope you will take advantage of the strong support network you’ll have here at Harvard!

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