Anja Young photo“It’s been great having a group of people who are explicitly focused on similar questions around race and how it impacts social structures.” — Anja Young MPA/MBA (Wharton) 2025

The Equity Fellowship Program at the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) supports students devoted to understanding and breaking down societal barriers to equity for the Black, African American, Latino, and other marginalized communities in the United States.   

In addition to providing financial support toward a master’s degree, the program provides co-curricular programming and a network of peers and mentors to support students to make a real impact on the communities they serve. Programming includes dinner seminars, an annual retreat, and experiential learning opportunities.   

In celebration of Black History Month, several Equity Fellows reflected on their work to address inequities in the Black and African American communities, their HKS experience, and their involvement in CPL.

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