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Have questions about submitting academic transcripts? We address some of the most frequently asked questions below.

The application for admission is now available, and the Admissions & Financial Aid team has started to receive questions from applicants working on their applications. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive throughout the application process about academic transcripts.

How does the Admissions Committee use academic transcripts in the review process?

Academic transcripts are just one of several important components the Admissions Committee will use when evaluating your application. Your transcripts provide insight into your previous academic performance and allow us to gauge how you might perform in an academically rigorous environment like HKS.

When evaluating your transcripts, the Admissions Committee will review the degree programs you have previously completed, the courses you enrolled in, and your grades in those courses. For programs such as the MPP and MPA/ID Programs—which have a heavy quantitative focus in their core curricula—we will pay specific attention to your performance in previous university-level quantitative coursework.

Do I need to submit official copies of my transcripts when I apply?

You will need to upload copies of all college and university transcripts—including all undergraduate and graduate coursework—when you apply. These copies of your transcripts are considered “unofficial” but will be used by the Admissions Committee to evaluate your application.

If you are admitted to HKS and choose to enroll, you will be required to have the institution that awarded your bachelor’s degree provide us with a final, official transcript with a date of undergraduate degree conferral.

My transcript is not in English. Should I submit a translation of my transcript?

Transcripts and diplomas in languages other than English must be translated by the issuing institution or a certified translation service. We do not have a preferred translation service, but often recommend World Education Services (WES) and SpanTran. We must receive both the original and translated versions.

If I studied abroad for a semester, do I need to submit a transcript from that institution?

If your home institution includes the grades and courses you took while studying abroad on your transcript, you do not need to provide a separate transcript. If, however, that information is not included on your home institution’s transcript, you will need to provide a transcript from your study abroad program that lists specific courses and grades you received for these classes.

I’m currently enrolled in courses but have not received grades. What kind of documentation should I submit?

If you are currently enrolled in classes or a degree-granting program, we need proof of enrollment that includes a list of your current classes. Most schools will include a list of in-progress courses on your transcript. Grades for these classes will be reviewed when we receive your final, official transcripts if you are admitted to and choose to enroll at HKS.

I participated in a professional training program. Do I need to submit documentation for this training?

You do not need to provide transcripts or documentation for professional training, executive education, language programs, or certificate programs for which you did not earn you college or university credit.

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