HKS degree-program and professional and lifelong learning alumni are represented a board that comprises 22 volunteer members, which includes 16 elected, 4 appointed, and two HAA representatives. These volunteers work to strengthen connections among HKS alumni across the globe by supporting alumni, current students, and the school.

Elected members serve four-year terms. Appointed members serve for two-year terms. HAA representatives serve three-year terms. Board committees typically focus on alumni networks, reunions, alumni awards, elections, communications, and career advancement, and meet twice a year in-person in Cambrige, MA.

Recent Updates:

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Executive Committee

Corina Santangelo MPA 1999

Mexico City, Mexico

Kathy Hutson MPP 2004

Vice Chair
New Rochelle, NY, United States

Headshot of Khaleel Seecharan

Khaleel Seecharan MC/MPA 2012

Miami, FL, United States

Judith Bunnell MPP 1984

Washington, DC, United States

Headshot of Sahil Joshi

Sahil Joshi MPA 2020

Cambridge, MA, United States


Headshot of Marvin Benton

Marvin Benton MC/MPA 1988

Dallas, TX, United States

Headshot of Tasce Bongiovanni

Tasce Bongiovanni MPP 2010

San Francisco, CA, United States

Headshot of Charles Carithers

Charles Carithers MPP 2007

Washington, DC, United States

headshot of Mahasti Dadressan

Mahasti Dadressan MC/MPA 2010

London, United Kingdom

Headshot of Yingjing Deng

Yingjing Deng MC/MPA 2018

Arlington, MA, United States

Headshot of Woury Diallo

Mamadou Woury Diallo MC/MPA 1992

Dakar, Senegal 

Headshot of Ash Gajeelee

Ashveena Gajeelee MC/MPA 2016

Boston, MA, United States

Headshot of Jakob Haesler

Jakob Haesler MPA 1999

HAA Liaison
Paris, France

Headshot of Charles Hokanson

Charles Hokanson MPP 1998

Tampa, FL, United States

Headshot of Michael Humphrys

Michael Humphrys MC/MPA 2011

Cambridge, MA, United States

Headshot of Minah Kang

Minah Kang MPP 1997

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Headshot of Rod Miller

Rodrick Miller MPP 2002

Miami, FL, United States

Raghavendra (Raghu) Narain MPA 1999

Hong Kong (SAR), People's Republic of China

headshot of Thomas Lloyd Smith

Thomas Lloyd Smith MPP 1999

Antioch, CA, United States

headshot of Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer MPP 2006

Nairobi, Kenya

Headshot of Jen Tutak

Jen Tutak MPA 2012

HAA Liaison
Cambridge, MA, United States

Headshot of Alex Visher

Alexandra Visher MC/MPA 2015

Pittsfield, MA, United States