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The Alumni Board is made up of several working committees which  focus on engagement, connections, celebration and recognition, Board governance, and communications .

Read more for a description of the current Board committees as well as which members currently serve on each. 

Executive Committee
Chair: Corina Santangelo
Vice Chair: Judith Bunnell
Secretary: Michael Humphrys
Members-at-Large: Charles Carithers, Kathy Hutson
This committee develops the strategic direction of the HKS Alumni Board, coordinates its activities, and oversees its operations. The committee serves as the alumni community’s primary liaison with the Kennedy School, stewards any necessary changes to the board’s constitution and bylaws, and maintains awareness of alumni fundraising activities while working to increase the amount and percentage of alumni financial support. The Executive Committee consists of the board chair, vice chair, secretary, and two members-at-large.

Engagement and Continuing Education Pilot Committee
Focused on building programming specific to alumni career and recreational interests and provide education rooted in HKS in these areas.
Members: Judith Bunnell (chair), Charles Hokanson, Minah Kang, Rod Miller, Alexandra Visher

Connections and Mentoring Committee
Strengthens connections with HKS alumni and students. Building upon 2021 Student-Alumni Networking pilot, this committee will identify pathways for lifelong alumni engagement and leadership development and support talent sourcing year-round.
Members: Charles Carithers (chair), Kathy Hutson, Sahil Joshi, Raghu Narain

Recognition and Communications Committee
Identifies, develops and shares alumni achievements and profiles that inspire others and focus on alumni contributions that are representative of the School’s core mission and values. In addition, it will seek, select and present the annual Alumni Awards during Reunion Weekend.
Members: Michael Humphrys (chair), Yingjing Deng, Mamadou Woury Diallo, Sarah Spencer

Diversity and Enrollment Committee
Integrate diverse, inclusive and belonging best practices for board committees and initiatives as well as support and build a formal alumni structure to identify and support underrepresented HKS students and alumni through pilot programs.
Members: Marvin Benton (chair), Tasce Bongiovanni, Khaleel Seecharan, Thomas Lloyd Smith

Reunion and Annual Meeting
Provides feedback on Reunion 2023 and develops programming for the Annual Alumni Meeting.
Members: Marvin Benton, Yingjing Deng, Charles Hokanson

Nominating Committee
Helps to facilitate Alumni Board Elections in partnership with Alumni Relations.
Members: Corina Santangelo (chair), Mahasti Dadressan, Mamadou Woury Diallo, Ashveena Gajeelee