The HKS Alumni Board currently comprises 16 elected members and six appointed members, two of whom are chosen as HKS liaisons to the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). Election to the HKS Alumni Board is a four-step process. The next cycle of elections will begin in January 2026. 


Step 1: Self-nominations; Step 2: First-round review; Step 3: Interviews; Step 4: Elections






Step 1: Self-nominations
  • Self-nominations will be open for one month.
  • All HKS alumni, both degree-program and professional learning, are eligible to self-nominate for the Board.
  • Only self-nominations are accepted. We do not accept recommendations of other alumni.
Step 2: First-round Review
  • The Elections Committee, within the Alumni Board, will review all self-nominations and determine which candidates will move on to the interview round.
Step 3: Interviews
  • Candidates will be informed whether they have made it to the interview round.
  • Candidates who make it to the interview round will be contacted by a member of the Elections Committee to set up a time for a virtual interview.
Step 4: Elections
  • Once all the interviews are conducted, the Elections Committee will determine which of the candidates will make the voting slate of 12.
  • The HKS alumni community will be invited to vote on eight of the 12 candidates to join the Board. During this time, candidates may network and campaign for themselves among their peers.
  • The eight candidates with the highest number of votes will serve as new Board members whose four-year terms will begin July 1 of that election year.
Board Appointments

The appointments process is now open and will run through the end of June:

  • Office of Alumni Relations and Resource Development (ARRD) and Nominating Committee send out messaging to key volunteers from HKS networks, SIGs, and HAA volunteers to submit nominations.
  • Nomination form is open for 1 week, beginning on May 30, 2024. 
  • ARRD and Nominating Committee begin screening candidates and conducting interviews with prospective appointees
  • The Nominating Committee recommends 8 candidates to the Executive Committee for appointments
  • The Executive Committee chooses final 4 candidates to put forth for full board to affirm in a vote
  • Final 4 appointments are confirmed and terms begin on July 1, 2024