HKS degree-program and professional and lifelong learning alumni are represented by a Board that comprises 22 volunteer members who work to strengthen connections among HKS alumni across the globe.

The Board engages the global alumni community to champion the HKS mission, increase alumni engagement with one another and the School, lead the Alumni Association in pursuit of its purpose and goals, extend and enhance the Alumni Relations Office programs and communications, and advise the Dean on alumni perspectives. It is a working board that operates in close partnership with the Alumni Relations Office, with information and recommendations provided by the Director of Alumni Relations, the Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School, and other senior administrators at HKS. 

As Alumni Board members, you are asked to:

  • Strengthen alumni engagement with one another and the School
  • Commit to a four-year (elected) or two-year (appointed) term
  • Attend two board meetings a year in Cambridge, MA, at your own financial expense 
  • Dedicate time to board work outside of the board meetings (average of 8 hrs./month, but sometimes greater during busier times of the year)
  • Actively participate in your assigned working committees(s) and other Board initiatives in between meetings 
  • Give preference to work on initiatives that align directly with the dean’s and/or ARRD’s priorities for the School and Alumni Relations, not merely your own interests
  • Participate in selecting winners for the annual HKS Alumni Awards
  • Attend any HKS alumni events in your city/region (if applicable) to represent the Alumni Board
  • Set an example by contributing to the HKS Fund according to personal means
  • Serve as an advocate for HKS out in the field and with your alumni community (regional/class/degree cohorts) by staying informed of news and issues affecting the School 
  • Recommend prospective students and share job or internship opportunities for current students when available
  • Seek out and encourage talented alumni to consider running for the Board in the next election cycle

The Alumni Board is made up of several working committees which focus on engagement, connections, celebration and recognition, Board governance, and communications. Click here to read more about current Board committees and initiatives.