January 2020

We made it to 2020! And yes, it’s time to dust off those grand visions, big dreams, and long-awaited beginnings rolling around in your mind. So, let’s get it on and get engaged—with the HKS alumni world.

C’mon and make this the year you make the connection with your classmates and alma mater. We can’t leave our unique collective HKS footprint on the world this year without YOU! So, make 2020 the year you get involved in an HKS alumni activity. Promise? Well alright now, that sounds just like you!

Run for a Seat on the HKS Alumni Board

In 2020, up to half of the HKS Alumni Board seats (including mine) will be vacated and new board representatives will be elected to join a great working team that supports HKS, develops and implements new ideas and initiatives (that may take a little time), and, most important, supports HKS alumni worldwide. Make sure your lifestyle can support at least 10 hours of volunteer time weekly (and often more). We pay our own way to attend two in-person board meetings a year at HKS. Glamour not so much, but incredible service—absolutely! Nominations for board seats open January 5. If you’re already involved in HKS alumni work, or the School, board service might be a great next step. Look here for information on the board election process.

Nominate a Classmate for an HKS Alumni Award

Each year, the HKS Alumni Board recognizes alumni who are working hard each day as policymakers, as activists, as public officials, as entrepreneurs, and in myriad other ways to give back and make our world better. The HKS Alumni Awards are given during Reunion Weekend each year. It is the signature event sponsored by the HKS Alumni Board and it’s something to see! But, did you know the nominations come from alumni like YOU? Alumni in good standing can nominate a classmate, a friend, or a peer who is doing great work right NOW. Start here and make a difference today by recognizing someone!

Attend Reunion 2020

Each year, the HKS Office of Alumni Relations goes all out to bring HKS alumni “all in” for an incredible three-day gathering in May. This year, Reunion will be held May 15–17 and will feature an emphasis on public service. Alumni who graduated in 2015, 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985, 1980 etc. are invited to campus to catch up with classmates, gain new insights from HKS faculty, and recommit to creating a better world at the School’s new facility (not yet constructed during our student days). It’s not too late to join the Alumni Reunion Committee. We are expecting close to 1,000 alumni to attend so there’s plenty to do! Sign up here to join the Reunion team and register for Reunion.

Connect with an HKS Regional Alumni Network/SIG or Start One!

HKS alumni are connecting around the globe to continue the good work that brought us to Cambridge in the first place. Are you connected? Well this year, jump in and get involved with alumni in your region through an HKS Regional Alumni Network or with alumni who share your interests by joining a Shared Interest Group (SIG). Don’t see your interest or region of the world represented here? Then it’s time for YOU to step up and become a global ambassador or begin a SIG with others who share your interest. It all starts HERE.


Deborah Bailey, MC/MPA 2015
Chair, HKS Alumni Board 2019–2020