The Alumni Board is made up of several working committees which typically focus on alumni networks, alumni connections, professional development, public service, and bi-annual board elections.

Read more for a description of the current Board committees as well as which members currently serve on each. 

Executive Committee

Chair: Deborah Bailey 
Vice Chair: Luma Al Saleh
Secretary: Jen Tutak
Members-at-Large: Leila El Khatib and Emilian Papadopoulos

This committee develops the strategic direction of the HKS Alumni Board, coordinates its activities, and oversees its operations. The committee serves as the alumni community’s primary liaison with the Kennedy School, stewards any necessary changes to the board’s constitution and bylaws, and maintains awareness of alumni fundraising activities while working to increase the amount and percentage of alumni financial support. The Executive Committee consists of the board chair, vice chair, secretary, and two members-at-large.

Alumni Connections Committee

Carl Manlan, Chair

The Alumni Connections Committee identifies, develops and shares alumni achievements and profiles that inspire others. The committee focuses on alumni contributions that are representative of HKS’s core mission and values. It also advises and works collaboratively with applicable HKS departments, programs and users to promote and publicize these achievements. In addition, it seeks, selects and presents the annual alumni awards during Reunion Weekend.

Members: Ruma Samdani, Corina Santangelo

Alumni Networks Committee

Tami Kesselman, Co-Chair
Brooke Suter, Co-Chair

This committee seeks to strengthen the bond between alumni and the Kennedy School mission of public service to communities around the world. This committee helps build new associations, supports existing ones by sharing best practices and connecting alumni leaders, and evaluates current structures for alumni engagement. The committee identifies and recommends opportunities to improve and expand on existing engagement opportunities to ensure alumni participation is meaningful and enduring.

Members:  Ramaswami (Balu) Balasubramaniam, Manuel Muñiz, Corina Santangelo

Professional Development Committee

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook, Chair

This committee helps the HKS community with career networking opportunities, introductions to potential employers, access to job postings, mentoring programs and job-finding skill-set enhancement. The committee seeks to enhance the use of the essential alumni resources such as the HKS Alumni Directory (the online community) and JACK (the job search database), and encourages both employers and potential job seekers to use them. The committee will also explores new resources and strategies for heightened professional development.

Member: Deborah Bailey, Steven Rahman

Public Service Committee

Leila El Khatib, Chair

To support the HKS mission of public service, this committee promotes alumni engagement with public sector and civil society organizations to benefit local, national and international communities. The committee encourages alumni to organize public service projects for their communities. It also develops and coordinates global service initiatives that connect alumni across our community.

Members:  Deborah Bailey, Frank Pearl

Nominations and Elections Committee (2020)

Luma Al Saleh, Chair

The Nominations and Elections Committee coordinates the biannual alumni board election process. This includes soliciting nominations, vetting candidates and implementing an electronic voting process for the entire HKS alumni community.

Members: Teresa Acuña, Rudy Brioché, Diego Osorio, Meredith Segal, Jen Tutak

Communications Committee (ad hoc)

Teresa Acuña, Chair
Members: Luma Al Saleh, Steven Rahman

Governance Committee (ad hoc)

Jen Tutak, Chair
Members: Edson Kenji CondoTami Kesselman, Emilian Papadopoulos, David Rosenberg