The HKS Alumni Board Elections is a four-step process to determine new board members. To be elected, candidates need to complete each step before being accepted onto the board.

Step one: Self-nominations; Step two: First Round Review; Step three: Interviews; Step four: Elections

Step 1: Self-Nominations
  • Self-nominations are open from mid-November–January.
  • All HKS alumni, both degree-program graduates and executive education participants, are eligible to self-nominate for the Board.
  • Only self-nominations are accepted. We do not accept recommendations of other alumni.
Step 2: First Round Review
  • The Elections Committee within the Alumni Board will review all self-nominations and determine which candidates will move on to the interview round.
Step 3: Interviews
  • Candidates will be informed in mid-February whether they have made it to the interview round.
  • Candidates who make it to the interview round will be contacted by a member of the Elections Committee to set up a time for a virtual interview.
Step 4: Elections
  • Once all the interviews are conducted, the Elections Committee will determine which of the 20 candidates will make the voting slate.
  • The HKS alumni community will be invited to vote, each person voting for candidates to elect as new board members. During this time, candidates are allowed to network and campaign for themselves amongst their peers.
  • The candidates with the highest number of votes will serve as new board members whose four-year term will begin July 1, 2020.