You came to Harvard Kennedy School with a desire to advance the greater good. And now, you're one of the many HKS alumni who are doing just that around the world.

Engaging with your fellow graduates can be inspiring and educational while enhancing your ability to make an impact on the issues that matter to you. Here are some ways that HKS helps our alumni get, and stay, connected.

HAA Directory

Find HKS alumni with ease—you can now search by variables such as program, area of expertise, organization, work experience, and public service interests.

Regional Alumni Networks

Find your next big idea, challenging job, or good friend through your regional alumni network.

Shared Interest Groups

Bond with fellow HKS alumni who have a common purpose, mission, background, or interest in an activity beyond class, program affiliation, or regional proximity.


Enjoy secure, lifetime access to a variety of useful applications and services, including our alumni directory. 

Harvard Alumni Association (HAA)

HAA helps alumni connect with the University and each other through Club activities, continuing education programs, online services, and alumni events worldwide.

Harvard Kennedy School Magazine

Keep up with the activities of alumni, faculty, current students, and the rest of the HKS community through this publication.