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Sandford Borins MPP received the 2021 Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). CAPPA is the national organization for post-secondary programs in public administration. The national award recognizes Sandford’s commitment to experiential and participatory teaching and his innovative use of narrative in teaching. Sandford has developed a survey on climate change practices and politics that he has sent out to his undergraduate class (Harvard College 1971), and will discuss the results with the class at their 50th reunion in Cambridge and on his blog at


1978 | 45th Reunion

Eric Hirschhorn HKSEE is the lead author of U.S. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions, published in January by Oxford University Press. This is the fourth edition of the work, previously known as The Export Control and Embargo Handbook.

Armando Lopez MC/MPA writes, “I am the proud father of Armando and Alex, graduates of the John F. Kennedy School of Government just like me. I share with you that sadly my beloved wife passed away at the end of last year, but despite the situation I am happy to be able to enjoy the love and company of my grandchildren, Armando, Anuar, Valentina, and Loretta.”



James Carras MC/MPA has been teaching an HKS course titled “Equitable Development and Housing Policy” for the past eight years. In 2021 he was an Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow at Harvard, with a focus on “Equitable Capital Ecosystems.” James continues to consult with city governments, nonprofit organizations, and private entities, providing them with strategic planning and implementation strategy services for equitable development and redevelopment. “Living in Fort Lauderdale has been fortuitous, particularly during the pandemic, and I was able to celebrate with my wife, Alicia, the marriage of our son, James, and new daughter-in-law, Carolina.”

Richard Sumpter MC/MPA retired in 2017 after 47 years with the federal government, the last 27 of which were with USEPA as a regional planning coordinator. In 2019 Richard retired from teaching as an adjunct instructor with several universities in the Kansas City area. Over his 30-year teaching career, he taught more than 300 undergraduate and graduate courses in a variety of disciplines. Richard continues to read a lot and write some, mostly in the area of political commentary. “Many thanks to KSG for a wonderful experience.”

“I think there’s no question that our first job in the next decades has to be cutting emissions. It doesn’t make sense to be spending a lot of effort to pull CO₂ out the atmosphere while still belching CO₂ into it.”

David Keith


Sarah Carpenter MC/MPA was elected for her second term as a city councilor in Burlington, Vermont, on Town Meeting Day this past March. Sarah, who is a lifelong resident of Burlington (except for her time at the Kennedy School), represents one of the wards in the north end of Burlington. She retired in early 2019 after 20 years as the executive director of the Vermont Housing Finance Agency. Sarah remains active in affordable housing issues and serves as the chair of the Vermont Rental Housing Advisory Board.


1983 | 40th Reunion

Richard Larkey MPA is involved in workforce development for technical and trade careers in the Sacramento area of California. Richard enjoys spending time with his family of eight grandkids and six kids. This year he will be traveling to Germany, Hawaii, and the Southwest region of the United States.



Judith Bunnell MPP reports that she, along with Lisa Austin MPP, Jody Feerst Litvak MPP, Joseph Olchefske MCRP, Zac Rolnik MPP, and Wendy Feldman MPA/MC 1989, partnered with the Alumni Relations Office to host “Listening Sessions” with alums from the 1970s and 1980s. Judith writes, “Great turnout and lots of enthusiasm for better connecting with classmates and HKS. Because most of these classes were “pre-internet,” just finding contact information is a challenge. Alums also need an orientation to all the centers, the programs, and all the changes since they were on campus so that they can participate more fully. More to come and interested alums are welcome to participate in this effort.”



Arlyn Purcell MCRP writes, “I’m excited to announce my transition to retirement this spring. I’m grateful to have spent my entire career working on environmental issues, ending with my time as director of environment and sustainability for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. My team achieved a lot during my tenure! I’m also proud of my work with the Transportation Research Board, where I chair the standing committee Environmental Issues in Aviation. I hope to continue to contribute in some way and I look forward to figuring that out.”

Carlos Sosa MPA retired two years ago and is living in Miami, where he is devoted to family and writing. During the pandemic, Carlos has written three books. The first, Huellas de Azogue y Chocolate, is a historical novel about his ancestors. The second, El humo de la amapola, is a novel about the Armenian genocide, and the third, Iluminando Esquinas, is a collection of different essays that illuminate generally unknown facts about historical events. Presently, Carlos is writing a book of essays on perspectives of American democracy, titled America, quo vadis?

“I’m excited to announce my transition to retirement this spring. I’m grateful to have spent my entire career working on environmental issues.”

Arlyn Purcell MCRP 1985


David Boghossian MPA writes, “Our friend and ‘86 classmate Jim Corcoran died this fall. He was an accomplished and beloved teacher, writer, and journalist. Those wishing to donate to a scholarship fund in Jim’s name can visit James was a good man and a good friend. We will miss him.”



Nadine Hack MC/MPA has published several articles in Forbes, most recently on “how to engage in the world without burning out.” She has been featured in many articles and interviews, and has facilitated leadership programs through the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland. 

Elisa Speranza MC/MPA just published her debut novel, The Italian Prisoner. “Set in New Orleans’ Sicilian community, it is an engrossing tale of wartime love, family secrets, and a young woman’s struggle to chart her own course at an inflection point in American history. The book was inspired by a true but little-known story involving Italian prisoners of war on the New Orleans home front during World War II. More at”



Natalie Jaresko MPP just completed five years as the executive director of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico. Under her guidance, Puerto Rico restructured $60 billion of its $72 billion debt, reducing the debt by about 60% and building a strong foundation for future economic growth on the island. Natalie also introduced transparency into financial management and began a major civil service reform to strengthen the ability of government to deliver public services efficiently. She writes, “As I completed my work, Russia further invaded Ukraine and I do all I can—in the press, public speaking, and working with governments to end the war. #StandWithUkraine #StopputinNOW #UkraineWillPrevail”

John Rakis MC/MPA writes, “After spending 44 years serving the multiple needs of prisoners and ex-offenders, I happily retired in 2018. Soon thereafter, I met the second love of my life, Sally, and we are looking forward to getting married in 2022. When we’re not traveling or in New York City, we enjoy a beautiful second home in New Hampshire. In the course of my work in criminal justice, I developed many practical and useful resources for practitioners, which I uploaded to the Internet Archive ( I am always happy to hear from classmates. Should your travels take you to Brooklyn or New Hampshire, please let me know.”



Leslie Loble MPA has been appointed as an industry professor at the University of Technology Sydney and a Fellow of the Paul Ramsay Foundation (Australia’s largest philanthropic body). Laurie belongs to the boards of several government and NFP organisations, including the national Australian Education Research Organisation. She retired as deputy secretary of the NSW Education Department after some 20 years working across schooling, early childhood, and tertiary sectors, and leading some of Australia’s most significant national education policy reforms.



Noreen Dunne MC/MPA writes, “Hello to all my classfriends and staff of MPA, and the Mason Programme of 1991, HKS! I was thrilled to be able to participate in various virtual reunion sessions in May 2021. This was a first for me, doing things virtual in the late hours of the night, Darjeeling, India time! To be able to listen to, to talk to, and above all to see some of my friends on my computer screen, over the miles, was really something. Being interviewed by Michael (Brown) in Difficult Conversations and listening to Ron (Heifetz) from Hawaii was such a novel learning experience for me. Thank you.”

Mac Prichard MC/MPA recently joined the Oregon Workforce Talent and Development Board, the governor’s advisory group on workforce issues. Mac writes, “It was an honor to be nominated earlier this year by Governor Kate Brown and to have my appointment confirmed in February by the Oregon Senate.”

Barry Sloane MC/MPA, after working for 18 years as CEO of Century Bank, retired as chairman following the bank’s sale last November. Barry is now spending most of his time on medical philanthropy as a trustee at Rockefeller University and MGH and is studying AI at HBS. He is investing in Fintech and growth equity opportunities. “It is the future of financial services.”

“[…] we’re at a moment right now with having stepped off the stage and being in trouble, where Europe knows that it has a significant position with regards to this conversation and action around democracy.”

Kahlil Byrd MC/MPA 2003


Bets Greer MPA, after completing a six-year course of Buddhist study and a three-year silent retreat in southern Arizona, now lives in Camp Verde, AZ, near the stunning red rocks of Sedona. Bets is managing editor, chief archivist, and a translator with Diamond Cutter Classics. Her first book, Emptiness Meditations, scheduled to be released in 2022, is a translation into English from Tibetan of five different works on Buddhist philosophy and meditation by Choney Lama, Arya Nagarjuna, Master Kamalashila, Trijang Rinpoche, and Pabongka Rinpoche. Bets plans to teach and lead meditation retreats using the book as a guide, while working to translate a text on Buddhist philosophy by Kedrup Je.

Janet McGuigan MPP writes, “After serving on numerous community and social service boards, as well as the Representative Town Meeting, I’ve just been elected to the Greenwich (Connecticut) Board of Selectmen. I’m looking forward to serving my town in this very New England role. Any advice from my classmates is warmly welcome!”


1993 | 30th Reunion

Reuven Carlyle MPA writes, “In 2022, I’ll (voluntarily) complete 14 years as a senator and representative in the Washington State Legislature. I’m proud that on my watch as senate environment & energy committee chair, Washington has passed the most sweeping climate legislation in the nation, including cap & invest carbon pricing, 100% clean energy, clean fuel standard, renewable hydrogen, building efficiency, Paris Accord-goals, and more. I continue to work in sustainability consulting. My wife, Wendy, and I have four fabulous kids ages 15 through 24. Onward to new adventures!”

John Reid MPP and co-author Thomas Lovejoy published Ever Green: Saving Big Forests to Save the Planet in March 2022. The book takes readers to some of the largest intact ecosystems on Earth, explains their irreplaceable role in keeping the planet liveable and diverse—both biologically and culturally—and presents practical conservation solutions. Its chapters on forest policy draw on John’s MPP training and decades of real-world experience. Ever Green has been praised by the Washington Post and the Boston Globe and excerpted by The Atlantic.



Brian Brooke MPP is exploring startup opportunities and investments in smart cities and smart mobility, primarily in Europe.

Brian Quinn MPP was recently promoted to full professor at Boston College. Brian is a professor in the law school, where he teaches and writes on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, and venture capital.



Alex Rodriguez MPP is currently CEO of FreeFall 5G, Inc., a venture-backed early-stage company striving to unleash the full promise of 4th Industrial Revolution technologies by advancing 5G mmWave Advanced Antenna Systems for more rapid global 5G connectivity. “Check out the technology in action at”


1998 | 25th Reunion

Jenny Korn MPP has published “Connecting Race to Ethics Related to Technology: A Call for Critical Tech Ethics” in the Journal of Social Computing. Jenny was recently elected as the newest member to the board of the Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance (H4A).



Amr Abdallah MPA writes, “2021 was a busy year with several work and personal projects. Personally, I started paying more attention to my health and exercising more. Workwise, I led the design of the EFE alumni mentoring program. Moreover, without the support of my family (dear wife and my lovely three girls), I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Cynthie Tinoo MC/MPA writes, “It’s been awhile since I shared about myself. As you may see on the news, my country Burma/Myanmar has been under notorious military regime again for over a year. Reporters are arrested, protestors are tortured and killed, villages were bombed, daily heartbreaking news. ... Many people, especially in ethnic regions, have been suffering with civil war. I have been raising funds for humanitarian assistance through Partners Asia ( to support internally displaced families. I’m blessed to live peacefully with loved ones in America, serving as a board member of the Harvard Club of Santa Barbara and Partners Asia.”



Josiah Brown MPP writes, “It’s been three years since we launched a Connecticut affiliate of the national Court Appointed Special Advocates network for children who have experienced abuse/neglect. In 2021, we merged into a single statewide Connecticut CASA and are now in the two largest CT courts, together serving 30% of youth under child protection jurisdiction statewide. Two folks I met at HKS, Reggie Solomon MPP 2000 and Billie Gastic Rosado HGSE, serve on our board. Our dedicated CASA volunteers are advancing children’s best interests. We’re on Twitter @ConnCASA and have a YouTube channel at ConnecticutCASA. My wife, Sahar Usmani-Brown, and I continue to live in New Haven, where our kids are now in grades 11 and 8. Best to everyone!”

Jesse Leon MPP writes, “Excited to announce my memoir, I’m Not Broken, was published by Penguin Random House in August! Thank you to everyone who believed in me and showed me that I was worthy of dreaming big in spite of years of drug addiction and sex trafficking. We all have a story to tell! From living in the streets to the steps of Harvard Kennedy School. Please show your support by ordering my book from your favorite independent bookstore or online retailer.”



Oscar Schiappa-Pietra MPA was appointed by the government of Peru as executive director of the Plan Binacional de Desarrollo de la Región Fronteriza Perú-Ecuador and executive secretary of the Fondo Binacional para la Paz y Desarrollo. Both of these international organizations were established by the 1998 Brasilia Peace Accords between the governments of Peru and Ecuador. Oscar still serves as legal counsel for Viridis Terra Perú, a Canadian sustainable forestry corporation operating in the Amazon, and as a representative of The Vine Trust, a Scottish charity operating two medical ships that provide free medical services to indigenous communities in the Amazon.
2003 20th Reunion

Matthew Kohut MC/MPA has co-authored a book titled The Smart Mission (MIT Press), which shares insights based on many years of work with NASA on intangibles such as knowledge, culture, and collaboration.

“What does it do to human agency if some people have the capacity to reach 83 million people in one day and the rest of us have no followers or 123 followers? I mean, this power is not equally distributed.”

Sheila Jasanoff


Diana Samarasan MC/MPA writes, “After 14 years, I am transitioning out of the global organization I founded, the Disability Rights Fund (DRF), which is based in Boston and works across Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. I am immensely proud of DRF as a model of decision making by people with lived experience, embodying the disability rights slogan, “nothing about us without us.” You can read more about our influence on philanthropy in Ben Wrobel and Meg Massey’s recent book, Letting Go: How Philanthropists and Impact Investors Can Do More Good by Giving Up Control. I am now co-authoring a book about the DRF journey and building my consulting. And my daughter is 15!”



Leonardo Beltran MPA/ID is a distinguished visiting fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, where he researches the interplay between the energy transition in Latin America, innovation, and its political economy. He recently became a member of the Technical Advisory Group of ESMAP at the World Bank.



Yousaf Haroon HKSEE recently delivered a five-year energy-strategy paper for Pakistan’s largest natural gas operator. In the paper, Yousaf identified growth, operational excellence, and business diversification as the three areas needed to strengthen LNG value chain, organizational development, and international linkages.



Armando Lopez MC/MPA writes, “I am in Mexico City with my wife, Monica, and my incredible sons, Armando (9) and Anuar (6). I currently work as chief of staff at the National Institute of Migration, where I contribute to the innovation, attention, and protection of migrants in the context of mobility.”

Marco Lowe MC/MPA was chosen by Seattle’s newly elected mayor Bruce Harrell to be the city’s chief operations officer. His portfolio includes the city’s utilities, finance, and administrative departments.

Patrick McCreesh MPP recently announced the acquisition of his company, Simatree, by Galway Holdings, a financial services distribution company. Patrick will continue to serve as the managing principal for Simatree under Galway. Additionally, Patrick recently released a new book, Stuck: How to WIN in Business by Understanding LOSS (Productivity Press). Patrick resides in Vienna, Virginia, with his wife, Courtney, and four daughters.


2008 | 15th Reunion

Joseph Pfeifer MC/MPA published his first book, Ordinary Heroes: A Memoir of 9/11, for the 20th anniversary. “Walk with my firefighters and me on an unforgettable intimate journey of courage, leadership, and resilience that turns traumatic memories into hope. I am humbled to make The New York Times bestseller list, which describes Ordinary Heroes as “a book for today” by its “inclusive sense of public service, that values the heroism of those who do ordinary things in extraordinary times.”



Ryan Androsoff MPP has been continuing his work supporting public-sector digital transformation initiatives through training, consulting, and public engagement. This past year he launched a new company called Think Digital ( to help scale up these efforts in Canada and beyond. Ryan and his partner, Rita, are still calling Ottawa home, and welcome any of his classmates to get in touch if they happen to find themselves up in Canada’s capital in the future!

Kara Waddell MC/MPA leads the system of early education and care in Fort Worth, Texas, as the president and CEO of Child Care Associates. In 2021 she was awarded Nonprofit CEO of the Year by the Fort Worth Business Press and was recognized among the Fort Worth 400 Most Influential in 2020 and 2021. Kara, her husband, Bill, and her sons, Ethan (17) and Luke (16), are gearing up for college admission applications and hoping to plan a trip back to Asia this summer (pending COVID realities).

“Often the voices of those of us that have experienced homelessness, especially BIPOC and BIPOC LGBT individuals, are not at the table, where our voices are not heard, we’re not at the table formulating policies.”

Jesse Leon MPP 2001


Catherine Lee MPA/ID, a World Bank economist turned film director, was recently named one of America’s “40 Under 40” documentary makers by HBO + DOC NYC. She is currently directing a feature-length film about Peter Ajak MPA/ID 2009, an ex-child soldier, political prisoner, target of presidential assassination, and father of three. Peter’s friend of 16 years, Catherine filmed his rising leadership over four years across four African countries and the United States. At its core, the film interrogates the question of whether one man can change his country—and at what price? Catherine invites HKS alumni to write to learn more and support the completion of this critical capture of history.

Mark Tracy MC/MPA completed Ironman Florida on Nov. 6, 2021, to raise money for Camp BraveHeart, a grief camp for children. Camp BraveHeart is run by Hope Health, the largest nonprofit hospice, palliative, and visiting nurse provider in Rhode Island. Tracy serves as secretary of the board of Hope Health as well as chairman of the board of the Rhode Island Public Health Institute (RIPHI). During the pandemic, RIPHI opened Open Door Health, the state’s first dedicated LGBTQ health care clinic.



Jay Bhatt MPA was elected to the UnidosUS National Board this summer. UnidosUS is the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization. Since its founding in 1968, the organization has contributed to a stronger America by elevating the voice of Latinos and advocating for issues of voting rights, immigration, economic mobility, education, and healthcare. Jay was the recipient of the HKS Alumni Public Service Award and the University of Illinois School of Public Health Distinguished Alumni Award in 2021.

Nataliya Bugayova MPP, after HKS, worked in Ukraine on reform efforts. She served as chief of staff to the economy minister after the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution; cofounded the Professional Government Initiative, which united 2,000 Western-educated Ukrainians to help drive reforms; and served as the CEO of Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s independent English-language publication. For the past five years Nataliya has worked in national security in D.C. She led the Russia program at the Institute for the Study of War, analyzing the Kremlin’s strategy and global military campaigns. Recently, she has also been focusing on the intersection of national security and tech amid U.S.-China competition. Nataliya is a Schmidt Futures International Strategy Forum fellow.

Nathan Dial MPP writes, “Classmates, in the last year a lot has happened. I married my girlfriend of five years, Monica, this past August in Charleston, South Carolina. I completed my PhD in political science from Northwestern University. My dissertation was on NATO in the 21st century and the conditions that need to be present for the institution to complete out-of-area activities. I am now back in the operational Air Force, flying the RC-135. Additionally, I got picked up for the Aspen Strategy Group’s Rising Leaders program 2022 Class.”

Illac Diaz MC/MPA was one of 140 changemakers selected to showcase their work at EXPO2020 in Dubai, where he premiered “Theory of Light,” a pioneering documentary on his work. Part historical chronicle, part environmental lesson, “Theory of Light” shows how Diaz’s Liter of Light initiative is reinvigorating efforts to take action and inspiring new generations of innovators to develop ideas that can change the world. With a commitment to uplift perspectives of marginalized communities whose lives are impacted by climate change, the documentary gives a voice to those who have not been represented in traditional climate storytelling.

Dan Futrell MPP shares that the Pat Tillman Foundation, for which Dan serves as CEO in Chicago, was recently named the “8th Best Nonprofit to Work For” in the country by The Nonprofit Times. The ranking is partially derived from factual information about financials and demographics and mostly derived from employee feedback on leadership, strategy, engagement, and culture from PTF’s 20-person team.

Andrew Kurtzman MPP is serving as assistant director of the Government Accountability Office’s Innovation Lab. GAO audits the performance of executive branch programs on behalf of Congress. Andrew writes, “In my current role, I am leading teams of data scientists seeking to automate, deepen, or broaden bodies of GAO audit work. The Innovation Lab is also producing government-wide guidance, including the federal government’s first artificial intelligence oversight framework. I have been at GAO for nearly eight years, since completing an MBA at the University of Chicago in 2014.”


2013 | 10th Reunion

Mike McMahon MPP was engaged to Megan Parilla in Chicago, Illinois, on Dec. 23, 2021. The happy couple celebrated with some hot toddies and an airing of grievances around the Festivus pole.

Jasdeep Randhawa MPP recently became a legal officer with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany. “I am in gratitude for my time as a student at HKS, where I found my passion to work in international development and environmental law. My professors at the Kennedy School, the many class discussions, and stories shared, continue to inspire me to contribute towards addressing the global climate crisis. If you find yourself in Bonn, give me a shout!”

“I am in gratitude for my time as a student at HKS, where I found my passion to work in international development and environmental law.”

Jasdeep Randhawa MPP 2013


Michael Koehler MPA continues to develop change agents for systemic leadership challenges with his firm KONU. The firm’s latest work includes designing Systems Leadership Labs for the UN, supporting adaptive capacity at D.C. public schools, and building peer-coaching programs for fellows of the Obama Foundation.



Kimberly Dowdell MC/MPA was recently elected to serve on the board of trustees at Cornell University, her undergraduate alma mater.

Rohan Mathur MPA joined the faculty at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as a physician scientist in the Division of Neurosciences Critical Care. He serves as a scientific lead and investigator for the Precision Medicine Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins, which is using data science techniques to deliver personalized medical solutions for patients admitted to the ICU.

MaryRose Mazzola MPP recently joined Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts as the inaugural director of their new Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. The center is an innovative, high-impact research and training program that brings together Planned Parenthood’s nationally recognized research and professional education programs. MaryRose also serves as an adjunct professor in the Merrimack College Women’s and Gender Studies Department, where she develops and teaches the department’s DEI and legal courses. She graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2021 and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar this past December.



Daniel Cunningham MC/MPA, this past April, addressed the Harvard Club of Cincinnati on “What is the Best Possible Post Post-WWII American Model of Global Leadership?” In his presentation, Dan gave examples of American global leadership needed today, including soft power, hard power, economic power, social power, environmental power, and digital currency power. He also explored the intersection of American global leadership and economic growth, and spoke on the win-wins of American global leadership, now and in the future.

Maroof Mohsin MC/MPA, since graduating from HKS, has been teaching at the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) University of Dhaka and in the Department of Political Science and Sociology (PSS) at North South University Dhaka.

“So very, very often, we lament the absence of women or the absence of people of color, or the absence of people with disability in our organizations. But what I’m suggesting to you is that this is not how we start a social movement.”

Iris Bohnet


Niruban Balachandran MC/MPA is the director of professional development for the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kevin Barnard MC/MPA, a commander in the U.S. Navy, was recently assigned to duty at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York City. He will serve as a political-military advisor to the U.S. ambassadors and other personnel assigned to the delegation.

Johannes Lohmann MPA/ID, after graduation, joined the Behavioural Insights Team, an organization that designs and runs social projects based on behavioral science. Johannes is now the head of Organisational and Financial Behaviour and is currently living in London.

Dennis Schroeder MC/MPA writes, “It has been quite a rollercoaster. After graduation I had the privilege to be selected as a science diplomacy fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington, D.C. Subsequently, I worked as an education consultant in India and Afghanistan for the World Bank and became a lecturer at a Bhutanese university. Things slowed down a bit in terms of moving places the end of 2020. Since then I have been heading the German Goethe-Institut in Namibia. We’re helping to develop the country’s creative industries via a vast network of incredible people (thank you HKS!), working on cultural diplomacy and on the intersection of arts and environmental issues.


2018 | 5th Reunion

Yasmine AbdelKarim MC/MPA writes, “I am happy to share that I have managed to close Series A fund for my startup”

John Krohn MC/MPA is now the deputy chief of staff for the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. In this capacity, he helps develop and implement U.S. government policies to support the existing U.S. nuclear fleet, advance next-generation reactor technologies, and expand geopolitical partnerships by helping other nations leverage U.S. technologies to advance their nuclear industries.



Salvador Maturana MC/MPA, in June 2020, joined DiDi Global, the world’s leading mobility technology platform, as a senior public policy manager for the Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, and Peru).

David Richter MC/MPA has been named chief operating officer of infrastructure project management at Paris-based Bureau Veritas Group, a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection, certification, and other consulting services. David is based in the company’s New York City office. David has also been elected to the board of directors of Pernix Group, a Chicago-based international construction contractor. In his spare time, he is pursuing his doctorate in civil engineering at Columbia University.



Tom Ellington MPA announced his candidacy for the chairmanship of the Macon Water Authority in Macon, Georgia. MWA provides water, sewer, and stormwater management services.

Emily Schlichting MPP and David Demres MPA 2018 were recently engaged on a trip to Italy. The pair met at HKS in 2017 while both completing combined MBA and policy programs.

Nourhan Shaaban MPP writes, “It is crazy to think that it has been two years since we graduated. I moved to Seattle and grew to enjoy nature—hiking, paddleboarding, and being outdoors. After graduation, I was hired at Delivery Associates, a public-sector consulting company, to lead a rapid six-month city-level COVID response in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies. I managed and implemented a product development roadmap of digital solutions to support eight U.S. mayors/cities in containing COVID-19. I am currently a senior product manager at Udacity, an educational startup, building products that enable governments, enterprises, and foundations globally to upskill thousands of learners.”

Helen Zhang MC/MPA writes, “Looking to enjoy understanding your world? Intrigue Media, cofounded by two former diplomats, will help you do just that. We provide a free daily briefing on global affairs at the intersection of geopolitics, tech, and business that’s dished with an Australian sense of humour. Intrigue Media is described by our readers as “the juice of Foreign Affairs magazine, without the pulp that no one reads.” Subscribe at:”



Vince Romano MC/MPA has accepted a position as an assistant United States attorney (AUSA) in the District of New Jersey.


In Memoriam

Jim Corcoran MPA 1986

Photography by Jessica Scranton.